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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by meeware, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. Hello, I've just joined after a few months of lurking. I have worn a blue suit, fleetingly, and not altogether happily, some years ago, and I've retained an interest in the fate of erstwhile oppos.

    I tend to post elsewhere- a more technical and possibly spotterish domain (very clubby 'we want eight and we won't wait' type atmos). I think fora like this are becoming an incredibly important and facinating area to see the emerging debate around the armed forces at a time when their role in society, the demands made upon them, and the deal they get fromthe government is increasingly controvercial, and politically sensitive. I think it's a good thing- at last the forces are becoming part of the dialogue about what we want the UK to be, and I hope this will see the lot of the sailor, marine, soldier and airman improve. Some hope eh?

    Ah well, be gentle won't you.
  2. Welcome

    As you have lurked for a bit you will of course have an idea of what you are letting yourself in for. You will thus be well aware that youre impassioned plee for gentlenss will fall on deaf ears.

    Join in the fun, we all need some light entertainment as well as a bit of the serious stuff.
  3. Welcome to RR :lol:
    In the other sites you post on did you say Morning all ?
  4. Morning Lurker ... erm, I mean meeware, and welcome. :roll:

    You can get arrested for that sort of thing you know.

  5. i had a lurcher when i were a lad, but it was thick as shit. it couldn't type or anything like that. you must be chimera lurcher, crossed with a labradoodle ? :wink:
  6. That'll be me. So , no gentleness assumed, but nothing that'll leave obvious marks right? That'll do. So , who's going to have a pop at my trident reply eh? Soooooo contentieous surely?

    P.S. Any know a Squeeky? Persec req, but still, does anyone?
  7. Moring "Meeware" , and welcome to this lovely site of ours , dont need to lurk any more , just jump in whenever you want shipmate , :roll: :?
  8. "Wot a new bit of Skin onboard is there sir? Send 'im up the forends the lads will be nice and gentle wiv 'im. Do e' 'ave a Mum or is an orphan"

  9. Hello and welcome!

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