More tree-hugging vegan lesbians arrested.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Just in case you thought the 'peace' camp outside Faslane had stopped years ago.

    BBC News - click here.

    Twelve anti-nuclear protesters have been arrested at the home of the UK's Trident nuclear deterrent.
    The demonstrators from Coventry were taking part in a year-long blockade of the Faslane naval base on the Clyde.

    The Faslane 365 campaign started in October and has seen groups travel from across the world to protest.

    About 35 people took part in the protest. Arrests were made during two incidents where demonstrators blocked a road leading to the base.

    The Navy has four submarines based at Faslane which carry Trident missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

    Prime Minister Tony Blair last year announced plans to upgrade Trident at a cost of up to £20bn.

    Alan Sprung, a spokesman for the Coventry group, said: "This peaceful protest was designed to encourage the government to reconsider its proposal to spend tens of billions of pounds of taxpayers' money on replacing a weapons system which will ultimately make us even less secure than we already are."

    Mr Sprung's daughter and wife were among those arrested, he said.

    A total of 514 arrests have been made since the Faslane 365 campaign began.
  2. FFS go an demonstrate outside the Iranian embassy instead.
  3. Of course they are not there 24/7. Seems they have to go and collect their benefits sometimes
  4. I can't believe people actually still do that kinda cr*p!
  5. It is a shame because nuclear warheads are the most destructive weapons that we humans have conceived. We don't even need to drop one to see the effects of a nuclear fallout, we can just look at the after-effects of Chernobyl. Entire cities in the region were abandoned and are still deserted today, because the radiation count was too high. Experts reckon the Chernobly 'dead zone' might be safe to repopulate again in about 300-600 years.

    To maintain our nuclear arsenal is costing billions of pounds, and the most likely fact of the matter is that we will never use them. All these countries squirreling away giant atom bombs 'just in case' anyone should use one against us. With a mighty deterrent, no-one would dare, the retribution would be too great.

    So everyone has nuclear weapons posed against each other, everyone too frightened to fire one. No nuclear war should ever take place because the destruction to life and Earth would be too great. Although now that I have written that it does remind me of how World War One started.

    To conclude, nuclear warheads are a neccessary evil. We must continue to pay for their upkeep and maintenance, because the threat would be too great should we lose our deterrent.
  6. Such a pity that they aren't the 'lipstick' style of lesbians some of RR's regular contributors so love to dribble over ... :roll:
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They can't get rid of the Faslane protestors - where would Jack go for a swamp on his way back from Helensburgh? Or who would the RM patrols throw abuse at?

  8. Fraid not, they are usualy of the fat smelly type that you can find in any Totnes shop that sells scented candles, insence and dreamcatchers.
    The ones you mention sound good though.... :grin:
  9. Or Normans chippy. That last takeaway gave me the shites!!!
  10. Shame that these pillocks cant listen to anyone else either or they would have gathered that they are shouting on behalf of the minority in this country. A poll on AOL was conducted on the day the Gov announced that they would put forward a replacement for Tident. 73% of people agreed that a replacement was necessary (over 10,000 people were polled)

    Still I quite enjoy the odd day off when the smelly freaks blockade the base and we all turn round and go home, in fact how about next Wednesday, the weather should be good enough for a game of golf. Come on CND do us a favour.
  11. I think these protestors have a point though. We shouldn't have them unless we're prepared to use them...

    So lets pick a country who we've a problem with (and preferably one which won't give us a good hiding afterwards) and drop one on them. Bare with with me here...

    then we skip of fto the U.N. and say, "yes we did it. We nuked Bolivia... Boo Hoo U.N. get over yourselves"...

    U.N says okay, you cannot be on the security council anymore. We say "Am I bovvered"? We then get booted off the G7.5 and the EU asks us if it would be okay if we could leave...

    Bonus. Tunnel filled in... Spanish trawlers shuffle off sharpish, Burkas get left in the wardrobe, Pakistan captures all the people it couldn't find 10 minutes before, Isreal and Russia think we're nails, Bush is still looking for Bolivania on a map whilst we torpedo 3 of his carriers just for good measure and the Admiralty is thanked by the queen for saving Britain. Huzzah!
  12. By jove, I think I have a new hero :razz:
  13. We could do France!
    At least the this years Rugby World Cup would be abandoned so we wouldn't be embarrased when the Home Nations get stuffed by some South Pacific Natives, running barefoot around the fiels with their tongues out.
  14. I tell you what comrades... most of the time my posts on here make me look a right c**t, but by my Rotherham United bobble hat I've thought this one through!
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The clue is in the avatar... don't make him angry. you wouldn't like him when he's angry... :twisted:
  16. Sweeney for Prime Minister!

    Even if he is a Millers fan.
  17. cock on idea that shakey. I've got a manifesto thats sure to please everybody!

    Job 1... Move westminster to Dalton progressive club. Think about it. Whats going to get more done, gonks shouting at each other while a man in a wig shouts order, order.. .or me, that tory smackhead* and "aren't you dead yet" campbell sat round the table over a few beers and some pork scratchiings?

    job 2... Her madge and phil skip off on semi-perm to Gib (thereby making sure we don't hand it over to the flamenco grenadiers) and we turn Buck house into single parents flats. Unfortunately the new Gib residence is only a single bedroom, so we'll have to Romanov the parasites who hang onto their lifestyles courtesy of.. oooh... ourselves.

    job 3... Sky is to immediately stop funding footy forthwith. All footy players go back to 1985 wages and the govt is to fund the league. All team sport watching is now free. However wednesday afternoon is sports day. Industry msut provide sports facilities for its staff and they must do a team sport.

    job 4... zero tolerance policing. No whinging, no paperwork, no EU legalities (feck that, we'll nuke whoever doesn't like the way we run our own country). A new huge list of crimes will be knocked up, including littering and graffitti. Kids under 14 are allowed to do what they want, but their parents WILL be done for it. No shimfing... no appeal. Executions. Oh yes, we'll have them.

    job 5... benefit system scrapped. We'll have the brit equivalent of communistichesky subbotnik. If you haven't got a real job, we'll find something for you to do. Watching jeremy kyle in a towelling tracksuit isn't classed as "something to do".

    job 6... national service. yes please. Normal regular service or construction work for the state like they had in the farmers and workers paradise of the GDR. Want to go to uni? No bother. Here is a cammo uniform. Put that on for 2 years. Want to p1ss about in service? no problem. We'll stop the clock and wait for you to finish before we carry on. And of course this means kick starting brit industry. Oh yes. See the point below.

    job 7... sorting out british industry. A bit radical but we'll create a nation where real skills are important, not a 3rd class degree in media studies... where people are valued. where firms of consultants don't say the way to success is to downsize (thats sacking people) and where things like, coal and ship building and steel are there to help communities and keep people in work... Here is the f**king thing, subsidising failing industries isn't a waste of time, becasue it gives people some self worth and it gives people cash to spend in shops etc etc...


    * alleged smackhead.. .no evidence one way or the other re: his Etonian japes...
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I like it a lot... :shock:

    But it'll never happen; who can be arsed to organise all these proposals?

  19. Comrade,

    there is enough of us here to get things moving.
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, a lot of Armchair Anarchists more like! "Hands up if you're a non-conformist?"


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