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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sentenashi, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. As I know Ninja loves them.

    What are the percentages for Aircrew Officer applicants and how many get into BRNC?

    So say, How many % of people will get through the sift, AIB, FATs, medical and whatever and then accepted for Pilot at dartmouth?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

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  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    However, in very rough, ball-park figures, around 90% of individuals who first walk into an AFCO want to be a pilot.

    Around 90% of those aren't eligible for academic, age, medical, nationality, residency or unspent conviction reasons.

    About 40-50% of those eligible fall at the first hurdle in my AFCO by failing the recruiting test, 10% don't pass medical & a further 10% fail sift interview first time.

    Of those that manage to pass the RT, medical, PJFT & sift, I'd guess 50% pass FATs with grades good enough for pilot & 50% of those pass AIB, with 50% of those passing AIB actually getting selected to start aircrew training.

    So, erm, not many.

    Airborne artist maybe better placed to say how many pass. but we just feed the hopper to the 'sausage machine' at the start of the process.
  4. Ninja
    After many years of thought I believe that I may have made a mistake leaving after my 22.
    So if I join up again at 64 will I have to redo part 1 and part 2 training?
    Will I lose my pension?
    Can I be excused the finess test cos I is a fat knacker?
    Will I get sh!t on a raft for breckers, and babies heads for supper?
    And finally do I still have to say Good Mornint to the Chief?
  5. Hmm, going by those ballpark figures NS posted, approx 5 in every thousand aircrew applicants get to BRNC as aircrew.

    Best get your duster ready Sentenashi, I foresee a career in the wardroom for you, but without gold on your shoulders.
  6. what is FATS? PJFT? Sift?
    and is the recruitment test the maths n lit stuff? kinda not the right forum but the abreviations r in here! :D
  7. FATs- Flying Aptitude Tests, too see if you've got the right skillz'
    PJFT - Pre Joining fitness test
    Sift is the interview they use to get rid of the dross, or that's what I got told it was.
  8. Don't forget that getting to BRNC is half the battle - the other half is yet to come.

    My flight at BRNC back in 78:

    one chopped at the end of BRNC - stooffed all of his exams, so not offered a re-take

    two pilots chopped at grading

    three pilots chopped at fixed-wing EFT.

    three pilots made it to the front-line, one of whom (along with four others) was killed when two ASW Sea Kings collided off the Isle of Wight. He hadn't served three full years.

    The RAF reckon that 12,000 people need to walk into the AFCO to get 160 pilots in jets/helicopters - roughly 13 people in a thousand, therefore.
  9. kl thanks who have to do FATS????
  10. People who FLY. Aircraft controller applicants as well I think
  11. Hi, where can I find more info about FATs?

    Is there anything about them on the RN website, because I can't see anything on there.

    Do they occur after the AIB or before?

    Any info on this would be appreciated.

  12. Before, not sure if it's after your sift interview or before though.
  13. I'm getting pretty good at the pilot game on the RN website, I feel I'm halfway to BRNC ....

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