more recognition...and some true statements!

Looks like a good watch.

His quote.. "They're on a basic of about £15,600 but that should be at least £18,000. I mean, nurses and policemen get far more than they do."
is laughable. I'd double that amount.
haha i agree....allthough it seems that in society today the police here in britain are in a warzone...but still....ridiculous amounts of money for sitting in their plush new speedy patrol cars 2 pull over a guy that has a broken brakelight...whilst sum chavs r 'doing' over a member of the public!
At the end of the day he went there-------- and apart from serving personnel, and reserves who else will?

so stop being arm chair politicians / heroes and leave him be; give him respect for at least going there...................
more than some have done...................
Ross Kemp said:
"I heard stories of great heroism. One of the snipers, Lance Corporal Teddy Ruecker, is up for a gallantry medal.

"He's only about 20, lives with his mum and dad and often gets turned away from nightclubs because he looks too young. Yet he's shot 24 or 25 enemy out there.
Hope he doesn't get targetted by AQ wannabees when he's at home!

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