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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Taff_Yorkie, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Rights chaps, I'm sure you're hitting your limit of AIB questions, and please feel free to point me in the right direction, of the sticky on the topic.

    I've been kicking about the wee province of Northern Ireland for a wee while now doing a bit of work for the pack oafs that is the 'Army'. And lets just say I'm being made redundant (hooray). Got my commission a while back (still just 25), and know pretty much the score as far as command tasks, planning exercise's go. I have to resign my commission in order to start out on a new career in the RN.

    My knowledge of the RN is woeful. Had my interview with the Lt Cmdr in the AFCO, and he's been really positive, but what do I need to know about the service to pass/blag my way past the AIB? What's the questions like? How much detail do I need to go into- in other words, do I really need to know the range of CIWS, or the range of the light gun you have stuck on the front of your wee boats, battlecruisers, or whatever they are? :wink:

    All help appreciated, serious or not

  2. Not 3rd Royal Irish by any chance are you?
  3. Whats to know? If you have alredy passed one board it should be a doddle. Redundant from the Army? Hope springs eternal.
  4. Might wanna brush up on your Naval Knowledge.

  5. Good idea to know what kind of ships we've got, what they do and where they go.
    Basically - everything you need to know can be found on the RN's website, .
    It's more an exercise in seeing if you've the common sense to look up the obvious sources for information, rather than a test of your knowledge itself.
  6. Hear Hear dunkers.
  7. All great advice gents. I've got an A4 folder with the entire RN website in it. I'm working my way through it now. I had an overwhelming sense that there may have been a few sticky questions thrown in. I can remember sitting my RCB and being asked a few stinkers, that no candidate could've realistically known without being in the know with the board president.

    The entire process seems fairly straight-forward and transparent though.

    SF- Previously 4 RIrish for all my sins. Currently on resettlement.

    Is there any rumour in the fact that the RN may give me a Golden Hello of £12k? It would be nice to get as much of the taxpayer as possible! I'm applying for Weapons Engineering (Submariner).
  8. Think you get a golden hello of some sort on completion of submarine training, but that's the only one I know about. You being ex-Army they might regard you as "re-enlisting" and maybe that attracts some kind of financial bonus? Just a guess though.
  9. my advice, get on rn website, look at some ships, when i got my papers for the AIB i got a booklet on all ships and aircrfat of the royal navy including the auxilaries and the marine units.
  10. Let me tell you a story about a pongo and a ship.

    'Twas on the good ship Antrim that we embarked some pongos for a trip to the states. It was bad enough that one chose to dement the guys on the forecastle with a green skirt and a pair of bagpipes, but the orficer, he took the real biscuit.

    He was a very nice chap, with, as we found out when we dined him out on the way back up the channel, three surnames. Well, I had the middle as we sailed towards the western approaches. 'Ol Major DDT, appeared at the foot of the ladder to the bridge, quite correctly asking pemission to come up.

    I invited him up, and as his eyes grew accustomed to the dark, I heard him exclaim "My God - we're MOVING!!!" The poor old pongo was genuinely surprised. I asked him why it was such a surprise, and he explained that he and the other chaps in their splendid Main Battle Tanks, would stop at night and laager up, waiting for dawn before moving on. It never occurred to him that ships kept on moving at night. :roll: :roll:

    My thought for you T-Y is maybe to learn a litte hubris and consider that it may go some way toward the Senior Service considering your application :wink:

    What are cherry pickers anyway?
  11. Yeah you should get about 5k on getting your dolphins.

    Did the very nice man at the AFCO not give you about a million leaflets and booklets? Get cramming on them, especially using the little blue booklet on ships, aircraft and missiles (or whatever its called). Also about your chosen career path. Dont think you can get away with not learning about other branches either (LtCdr at AFCO Belfast likes to ask lots of WAFU Q's in your interviews!)

  12. Up to £12k Golden Hello if you join as a direct entry Engineer Officer.

    Can't be bad can it?
  13. Is that for any kind of Engineering? - ie mechanical, weapons...?
  14. Thats chicken feed,The Army will Pay you £50k to join as a Consultant Doctor!
  15. Taff-Yorkie wrote: Is there any rumour in the fact that the RN may give me a Golden Hello of £12k? It would be nice to get as much of the taxpayer as possible! I'm applying for Weapons Engineering (Submariner).

    I'm serving with a guy on loan from 3 Royal Irish and he says that unless you join the Army, you don't get the golden hello.

    Sorry mate.

  16. B...dy Hell ! - no wonder they want to flog the ensign if they are paying people to enlist - they must need the money badly to pay 'em once they've joined :?
    D'you think they have a place for an exSR, all his own hair, most of his own teeth, and still fit enough to do humping & dumping all day ? I could do with a few bob to keep the :evil: ex from bugging me .....
  17. try getting a hold of a copy of the broadsheet - always handy for knowing who the top nobs are and the 'hot topics' in the navy for the last year.
  18. Direct Graduate Entry for ME, WE or AE.

    It's on the RN website:

    "You can apply for Direct Graduate Entry. You will need a degree in an engineering-based subject, 140 UCAS points and five GCSEs (A*-C), which must include English and maths. You may also be eligible for a ‘golden hello’ of up to £12,000 on joining. "

    Note the use of the word may.

    And no, Upper Yardies are not eligible!
  19. Interesting, will ask the AFCO about that. 8)

  20. not sure i understand, are you jumping or are you being pushed? i was ex killick and given a fecking hell of a ride by aib, "why should you get a second chance to serve, can you be trusted, arent you really just a tit that cant make a decision or handle commitment". that sort of carry on, im sure with your experience you'll be fine, but you should also formulate a very robust defence for why you want a blue suit. best of luck

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