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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by ROFLMAN, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. What footwear do you wear in the RN? Boots or shoes?

    does hms raleigh have SECURE parking facilities

    is there a home break between raleigh and specialist training?
  2. Hi Rolfman,

    Whilst I was in (1971-1992) the order of the day at sea was steaming wellies(dms boots - non slip). Going ashore was shiny shoes.

    From what I remember of raleigh (1971) it had a fence surrounding it so therefore should be secure parking.

    As for the leave bit - not sure. I suppose if it falls on a leave period (ie christmas/easter) then you would get leave. Otherwise probably not.

    Hope this helps. :?: :)

  3. IIRC there may be some rule about basic trainees not being allowed to keep a car in the establishment - this may have changed, though.

  4. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    As a basic trainee, you will not be able to bring your car with you to HMS Raleigh.

    You will wear both boots and shoes so I suggest if you're not used to wearing either and just wear trainers, you begin to do so now to toughen up your feet.

    It all depends on what time of the year you pass out (or in dependant on what way you look at it) and you'll probably only have a weekend off anyway. When I passed out in 1997, I went straight to my next establishment the very next day.
  5. Given the big fence, barbed wire, guards, rifles etc. I'd say the parking is secure from outside interference.

    Not too sure if it's secure from the scrotes within though...
  6. You get a weekend's leave between finishing NE training and specialist training (eg at Collingwood).
    You will wear boots day-to-day and shoes on parade (when you wear your best uniform). You will be issued trainers for PT.
    As mentioned above, don't take a car, not sure what the rules are on mobile phones, are these allowed?
  7. Trainers?!?! what happened to thos elovely white daps, that gave me fallen arches?
  8. Yeah those white ones you had to scrub clean after dragging them through all the mud!!!!
  9. As worn by Roger Bannister....none of this Nike Air nonsense!
  10. Agreed about not being able to take your car. Think it's possible if you end up staying on for part three training and even then you have to park across the road. Only Ships Coy get to park inside.

    Trainers? Thought they issued them now; they're not fancy though. Have heard stories in recent years about new entrants who have never ever worn shoes or boots and their feet simply cannot cope with them after a lifetime of abuse in trainers. These guys have to be gently broken in by wearing pussers footwear in increasing stages.

  11. Do you remember the fairy tale of the princess and the pea? does seem rather familiar!
  12. Don't worry imom they are reassuringly crap trainers. Hi-tec Silver Shadow. Probably the worst and cheapest shoes you can get for running in. It's alright, nothing has changed, they are still issuing poor quality kit. :lol:
  13. never used my White Shoes even once, despite going to many overseas deployments, (Carabien,Gulf,Asia). supose i was just lucky.
    still got them crappy green hi-tec trainers you got issued with, lying about in the garage.
  14. I have just heard that they are issuing black pussers rucsacs now! Very useful in my job!
  15. Why would a lawyer want a rucksack, smuggling drugs into prison perhaps?
  16. To carry home the legal aid money!
  17. Oooooooo,cutting remark!!
  18. I find it difficult to believe that anyone took this question seriously. For example flip flops are quite appropriate when having a shower, but was the matter looked into? Ho hum.

    Parking facilities? I ask you. Just to point out something that may have been overlooked, Raleigh (as far as I remember) is a training camp and not a NCP site.

    As for breaks between training sessions, ................ well, does standeasy count?

    Yes, I know I'm being flipant, but for goodness sakes. What ever happened to the answer 'sort your life out and get on with it'? Talk about molly coddled. :evil:

    I bet I'm in for shit tomorrow. :lol:
  19. Not that job silly, the other job! My RNR one!

    We wouldn't carry our legal aid money in a rucksac, we would need only a small envelope.
  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Carrying the Enid Blyton written alibis??

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