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More proposed cuts in the Surface Fleet


dunkers said:
Reduction to 1 naval dockyard = the entire fleet could be wiped out in 1 night of enemy bombing.

Oh sorry, how silly of me, the strategic defence review said we'd never have another conventional war didn't it?

You're joking arn't you? The way they are going, if we are reduced by half, there won't be any ships in the harbour, all of the ships will be at sea, attending to the worlds problems instead of our own. 8O


Lantern Swinger
Did anyone hear Hier Blair today.

The cheeky tw*at has the brass neck to stand as proud as punch on an RN ship telling us we'll be fighting his war forever more while his cronies are looking into descimating the fleet.

I'd have given the w*nker a piece of my mind (if i had any to spare) before chucking him in the oggin.

That tosser needs a few home truths telling. anyone got his email address? :x


Lantern Swinger
trehorn2 said:
Did anyone hear Hier Blair today.

The cheeky tw*at has the brass neck to stand as proud as punch on an RN ship telling us we'll be fighting his war forever more while his cronies are looking into descimating the fleet.

I'd have given the w*nker a piece of my mind (if i had any to spare) before chucking him in the oggin.

That tosser needs a few home truths telling. anyone got his email address? :x

Not exactly, but try this.

Funny that on the drop down menu for departments, there isn't one for the MOD!
jesse650 said:
they'll keep on cutting untill they want us to do something and someone says "no.....sorry can't do it", very nearly happened in the Falklands.....

Sorry guys, but Jesse is right. The only way they will listen is when confronted with the political consequences of their policy decisions - when someone stands up to them and says that X cannot be done because with only Y capabilities we can no longer perform this kind of operation.

It is easy to assume that in Westminster decisions are taken based solely upon the facts. The facts alone do not determine how Parliament behaves in a given situation. Realpolitik, the jostling for political advancement and improvement in a Party's ratings are what matter on a day-by-day basis, however distasteful and astonishing they seem from outside the Village. Unsavory facts or facts which politicians believe (or claim) the public/electorate might find distasteful or objectionable can so easily end up being diluted, sidelined or discarded if it seems the political consequences might be too risky. To some extent that's the nature of democracy, but it also reflects wider society. At the end of the day, the best wake up call is a military emergency which we cannot handle because of underresourcing and the subsequent political crisis and fallout which would result from that. International humiliation for Britain would also mean, in all probability, defeat at the next General Election for the Party preciding over the emergency. It would also mean a subsequent effort to reinvest in an attempt to minimise the damage and in the longer term, reverse, the dent to our international reputation.

Roll on that crisis I say! Sad, tragic, but absolutely essential!
Levers_Aligned said:
I'd like to personally speak with the MP for Portsmouth North, person to person and ask her exactly how much she knows about the pressures we face and if we'd be happy with a navy that consists of six Type 45s, eight Type 23s, and a few amphib-capable landing ships. If she is convinced that Britian's world interests can be upheld and the ongoing contribution to NATO maintained, if she is wholly confident that should on of her 'six-ship' Type 45s suffer a serious damage control incident whilst under attack, if she is absolutely certain that everything we do, from Antarctic Patrol to Norway ops, from counter narcotics to disaster relief can be done by just 'God, and a handful of marines', then I'd like to see her detailed working out, and I'd like to see the names of the people who adviser her on such matters.



I cannot comment upon her detailed working out but in general most MP's rely upon their Research Assistants (often unpaid students) or Secretaries to carry out their research for them. The quality of the work these RA's do, varies widely. On general matters such as when a Bill is going through Parliament, where a Debate is to take place on a specific topic or where there is substantial Parliamentary interest, Research Papers and Research Notes are produced by the House of Commons Library providing impartial information to MPs. RAs, Secretaries and MPs also conduct research using the facilities of the Commons Library (or Lords Library for Peers) as well as using the internet and other sources of information including discussions with constituents (is the Member for Portsmouth North someone's MP - the best way to communicate is through a personal visit. It has much greater impact than a letter or email.).

I hope this information is of some use.



Stuck_in_the_70s said:
Stripey_G said:
And just look at the guys on this forum who have asked many a question about joing the Navy.What sort of future do they have to look forward to?
Is it they join and no sea time, or just go ahead for the trade and be done with it. Britain rules the waves....yeah! :x

I'm hoping to apply and sit FATS/AIB sometime in the near future and it has crossed my mind recently whether or not it's such a good idea with news like this, in all seriousness do you think it will be as bad as the papers make out?


It will never be as bad as the press speculate and, in any case, if you want to achieve change you've got to part of the organisation - if you aint part of it you can't change it. So go ahead with your aspirations, listen, learn and then become part of the machinery for improving the change. My Dad always grumbled that the Navy wasn't the same any more - bloody good job too I would say; he was part of the 1930s Navy - I joined nearly fifty years ago and I doubt that anyone now would put up with the way it was even then. The real issue is for UK to decide what sort of Navy they want now and for the future and them fund it - not try to do it on the cheap.
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