More proposed cuts in the Surface Fleet

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by stumpy, Dec 8, 2006.

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    The Sun, not normally my favourite paper...but, has a very scary story today about cutting another 6 escorts...sorry not cuting them but placing them in reserve...honest...

    The way things are going lets just ditch having a seperate navy, espially if the rumours of a 15-20k navy are true, and make it part of the Army, alongside the Artillery, the Royal Armoured Corp or the Roya Logistics Corp...
  2. It was mentioned on Radio Two earlier on this morning , US Coast Guard is probably bigger than us now , :twisted:
  3. Why bother having any Armed Forces at all? Just keep a reserver force and deploy as necessary wherever they are needed. It really is getting quite pathetic now.

    I bet Nelson is turning in his grave.

  4. The quote that Labour has cut us by a third since taking up power seems to be about right although psychologically it feels like they've taken much more. All this alongside the discussions about the future of the Naval Bases, so hot on the heels of the last round of cut-backs, Fleet First and the Merger (reduction) of the two HQs presents a pretty dismal picture. Other quotes and warnings from experts are pointless because those in power aren't interested in listening. They obviously have their own agenda and will push on regardless.

    All the while our forces are reducing in capability, manning, etc and our world-wide involvement is growing. The question is whether we have a realistic alternative to this shower. Funding for the military is never a vote winner - whatever the government. The cheapest way to save costs would be to stop agreeing to send troops into other places and to stop donating large sums of our cash to foreign countries like the money for schools in Pakistan, etc. We could even put a freeze on salary and pension increases for members of parliament.

  5. Looks like we pull out of everywhere abroad, become a home defense force only and let the rest of the world get on with things themselves...
  6. Or farm it all out to Private companies.... Group 4 security anyone?

  7. I reckon it could give hope to these people ![​IMG]
  8. they'll keep on cutting untill they want us to do something and someone says "no.....sorry can't do it", very nearly happened in the Falklands.....
  9. Its got to be true, the MOD have just issuea a denial
  10. Did hear a buzz couple of weeks back re 2 more 42's to be pegged alongside, didn't take much notice of it at the time but now..... !!!!!
  11. Reduction to 1 naval dockyard = the entire fleet could be wiped out in 1 night of enemy bombing.

    Oh sorry, how silly of me, the strategic defence review said we'd never have another conventional war didn't it?
  12. If we revert to one naval base - all they need to really screw us up is one dirty bomb.

  13. Look at it from his toneness's point of view. Who the hell can I fcuk up without upsetting the unions/public? The NHS, naw been there done that. The Police, public opinion on crime, the police federation naw too risky. The educational establishment, too late did that years ago. I know let fcuk the armed forces up even more, no union and if they complain I'll send them off somewhere to get them killed - Job Done!!!!
  14. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    It's looking more tempting by the day to leave at my 12 year point....

    I joined a navy, not a fcuking coastal defence force.
  15. The joke used to be that we would end up with the TA on the Gosport ferry, it isn't a joke anymore.... more a cast iron prediction
  16. Quote from Portsmouth North Labour MP, Sarah McArthy-Fry, " Personaly I am NOT hung up on numbers, because a modern warship can do the equivalent of six warships from 20 years ago".

    What she fails to comprehend is that same warship cannot be in six places at the same time!!

    Keep Striving
  17. And just look at the guys on this forum who have asked many a question about joing the Navy.What sort of future do they have to look forward to?
    Is it they join and no sea time, or just go ahead for the trade and be done with it. Britain rules the waves....yeah! :x
  18. God what planet is she on, lets leave aside tha fact that a ship can only be in one place at a time, but if ours can do 6 times more than one from 20 years ago so can every one elses!!!
  19. And they'll have more then us!!!ERK!! :(
  20. Don't knock it, I have been on one of them on a party and it went out of the harbour...all the way to near Southampton (okay, not quite blue water but as close as we will get!) . And it has a limited amphibious capability...!!

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