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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by bikerman, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. The mind boggles at what some of these so called educated people come up with a load of bo$%ocks
  2. But i,m Mexican I,m offended. :pain10:
  3. EXACTLY :D :D :D :D
  4. Did you manage to work out from it that it was an Israeli politician that has said it...

    Politicians get anxious if they're not being seen to be doing stuff, ignore them.
  5. Your a Greaser?? a fcukin chili yoffeling tequila swigging razor back.

    I feel offended too now, as I am sensitive about PC. 8O 8O 8O
  6. 8O

    'sake. Came from Pigs? Swine. Disease is of what type? Flu.

    Swine Flu.
  7. Hey Gringo Whatcher your mouther eh.
  8. Pig Flu....The fat talentless minger has only been dead for a few weeks and she has already had a reincarnation and come back as a virus!
  9. I see your part Italian as well :lol: So we can be friends now my remarks are all in the pasta 8O :oops: :lol:
  10. Porky Pig "Der Der Der That's all folks!" flu. Has a certain ring to it!
    I was in a frontline position yesterday at work and some bint with a dripping nose and cough spluttered " I think I've got this swine flu...He he he." my response was a scowl and "Thanks for's not often we can joke about something that's killing hundreds is it?"
    CNUT!! :evil:
    If you've got a fecking cold/flu/sniffles don't come to me and dribble, drip and splutter your germs all over me.
    Rant over.
  11. Could you be more politically correct and less Racist/Sexist/ageist
    You white male Kiwi old bastard 8O 8O :D :D

    The bitch coulden't help the fact her fat snotty drippin snotlocker was leaking, the poor tawt. :cry:
  12. Would you like a fat blood drippin snot locker? :twisted:
  13. She could have stayed at home or used one of the self issue machines (I work in a Library.), but no she had to spread the ferking joy. :twisted:
    Seeing that NZ has had cases of Swine Flu confirmed, students returning from a language course in Mexico, I didn't think her witty remark was really that funny.
    It's lucky these sickly twats are protected by Civil Law from me dealing to them with the hard cover copy Complete Works of William Shakespeare that I keep handy for administering justice to people with overdue books. (A swift clout round the lughole with said hefty tome is, under the NZ Libraries Act 2003, a permissable punishment for that heinous crime!)
  14. This is happening in ISRAEL. The only other instance of suggested name change is because the Yanks want to change the name of it because countries are banning pork from the US and they stand to lose a fortune. That's got nothing to do with PC.

    And if as you say 'that's their business', given the change is happening thousands of miles away in a Jewish state, they're hardly asking you to change what you call it are they?

    Once again amazed at the fact that RR can be more chippy than the PC brigade itself, which takes some doing.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Cant we just call it "The Taco Terror" or perhaps "the gringo reaper"?
  16. Traditioanally these flu outbreaks have been called for the geographic area that variant came from, for example the 1919 one which was a swine flu which nearly took one of my Granfathers was called 'Spanish Flu', and the one which swept the country when I was young was Asian Flu. Calling it Mexican flu is more appropriate because it will differentiate it from other variants of swine flu.

    Equally what ever you call this particular outbreak it will always be a variant of swine flu, is this a problem for the non pork eaters.
  17. If you call it mexican flu it will be confused with the strange ailment that seems to affect Hector n Jesus on a Saturday/Sunday when they're supposed to get turned to at jobs various/menial, that the more cynical among their employers, wives and girlfriends might call a run in with Mr Cuervo or a visit from Mr Tecate. Of course, a night on the Mescal and a quick bout of domestic boxing, and it might be 2 weeks before he returns from yet another trip to El Paso to be flung over the border, only to reappear after a quick visit to the wife and kids in Juarez.

    With Cinque de Mayo coming up and thousands of them going home for a long weekend, then coming back for the road building/fruit picking/office cleaning that no bugger else will do for $8/hr I guess we will see if its really Mexican Flu or some other swines DNA...
  18. Going off on a slight tangent but still related to porcine issues, I once saw some piggy porn where two women get fcuked by a fcuking massive pig in a barn. He's a big ole boy with a corkscrew curly pig c0ck and a little piggy twinkle in his eye. He's obviously a sophisticated lover as he considerately places a hessian sack on their backs to prevent his trotters gouging their backs as he does them from behind....smooth b*stard! He shoots his piggy goo up the backs of their legs and then a tramp comes in with a duffle coat and does him up the Isle of Harris. A good time was had by outstanding film.......and to keep it topical, the pig didn't have a runny nose.
  19. You really should get out more :lol: :lol:

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