More Pay also more submarine pay


don't know if you've noticed but the rates of pay have increased from last year from £3,892 to £4,111. Not bad little sum!

Can't wait to finally get my dolphins ^_^;

Also the general pay has gone up by at least 300 pound for everyone and every rank.

Link: <--- New <-- Old Pay

As you can see it's gone up a tidy amount!

( posted this in the other forum too)
Lol Lamri, you're paying for my pint. Admit it you wanted the same when you were at the bottom like me.

On a side note, I left a Civil service job before I joined up and I was; sitting on my ass all day long, speaking to immigrants who had just arrived, encouraged and positivley enticed to do a bad job (as long as said job was complete within a specified time, as we all know time will save the UK), watching sycophant people who are making us weaker day by day.

Not that I'm bitter at all with civvy street, but some of you older guys know the answer.

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