More on the elusive G Spot

Do you agree with the statement: Only the bravest matelots have experienced the G Spot's deligh

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Well debate about the efficacy of the G Spot continues, with the Independent columnist, Catherine Townsend speculating on such things as wanting to...

' the holy grail of... [the] G-spot'

And admitting to having.....

'...the G-spot on the brain because I've been seeing a lot of [the] Andrew'

And then researchers.....

'...said it was unclear whether the team had identified a G-spot structure...'

Indicating that archaeologists never look at structures arising extraterrestially, such as Masts sticking out of the ground...

But to cap it all.....

'I laughed out loud when I read about the Italian scientists claiming to pinpoint the location of the G-spot via ultrasound this week...' Amazing that Italians scientists need to use ultrasound when any British hillwalker can spot it from Pin Mill :biggrin:

More on the G Spot here:

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