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Iran has vowed to remove "corrupt" world leaders and to share its nuclear technology with all the other Islamic nations of the world.

This story was reported today on the website of Al Arabiya news channel.

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The comments at the end of this story are also worth a read.
OK, now I'm seriously concerned. See comment number 9 (pasted for you below)

Iran can help our Jew brothers
Non-Arab Muslim [ Thursday, April 10, 2008 ]

Iran needs to help our Jew brothers to take half of the land from Germany. Germans (Anglos/Saxons) were responsible for killing 6 to 10 million innocent Jews. Also, these Anglo/Saxon countries including U.K., Germany, Australia, Newzealand and so on are responsible to create hate between Muslims and Jews. Anglos/Saxons are responsible for all human sufferings. We all Muslims need to help Jews to take Germany and give half to Jews. ANGLOS/SAXONS ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS OF THE WORLD. Anglos/Saxons have destroyed whole world. NOTE: JEWS ARE OUR BROTHERS AND WE WILL 100% SUPPORT THEM TO TAKE HALF OF THE GERMANY

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