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More Mobile Madness- Ever had one of those days?


Book Reviewer
My 6300 has worked a treat. I moved to Motorola a couple of years ago on a whim - very quickly moved back to Nokia. For me, and I think these are a very personal matter, they're just easier to use. looking to change soon and once again I'll be doing my £1.99 a month for 400 x-net & 400 texts deal. All cashback but I like the challenge of making sure I get the vouchers in on time and seeing someone off.

Rosina - have you heard of R4DS cartridges - I got two for DSLites that I bought the kids at Crimbo, on them I have 60 DS games. If SgtPB turns his back I can tell you more if you are at all interested.


War Hero
Have to say the Nokia 6300 that works, is great- it does all I want & as you say WD, you kind of get used to the Nokia logic/layout, which is easy to use.

Is the x-net deal a contract for cheap airtime on a freephone number or is it simply cheap free to access call/texts?
I pay £35 pcm, and get 200 mins and 200 texts. I also get free internet (very handy for keeping up with RR on the train) and free emails. I have arranged for my home emails to be forwarded to the phone. I have put in all my contact information and diary notes (I have 5 siblings and about 300 nephews and nieces so keeping track of birthdays is a nightmare). It links to Outlook so you do not have to spend ages typing on a piddling small keypad, use your puter and synch. The 8120 also has a goodish camera. In short it is the dog's bollocks if you have use for this kind of thing.


Book Reviewer
Bugger, I've just moved away from Nokia having had various ones for ages and gone over to Moto, on a whim as you say, I'll let you know how it works out.


Book Reviewer
Thanks Rosina, sounds like I may have to swap my PDA and consider a crackberry.

NJ - I am on Orange and get normal Dolphin tariff. The snag with the deal is that at certain breakpoints you have to send in your bill within a certain timelimit. Normally about 60 days. If you miss it once you invalidate the full years claims and don't get cashback. I've not once missed even when deployed away, so although I pay the £35 a month, I get the balance back every 3 months or so. My twisted logic dicates that I'd have spent that money on the phone anyway so its freebie money. point to 12month cashback deals. Worth checking every few weeks as the choice of phones change often. I normally choose e2save or mobileoutlet as the phone providers. In my mind it was worth a risk and a bit of fuss and has saved me oodles over 5 years.


War Hero
All this talk of phones...thinking of getting a Nokia 6300 from Woolies it safe to hope that it comes with a 3 pin mains charger....or is that part of the discount [like you gotta buy one]? ^_^;


War Hero overload while looking for a good deal.....back to the cleft stick :thumright:

Question still stands about charger


Lantern Swinger
I have had Nokia's for as long as I can remember.

I did change about a year ago to Samsung, this only lasted 2 weeks as it wouldnt allow me to make calls. Only a small matter but something that could be quite important on a phone!!

Went back to Nokia, currently got the N73. Not a bad phone, but I dont want one that is all singing and dancing. I want to make calls, the odd text and possibly use the radio now and again.
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