More Mobile Madness- Ever had one of those days?


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Is it just me or what? Pull up a bollard...

Initially I purchased a Nokia 6300 Mobile and suffered the subsequent worst ever customer service response to a series of faulty handsets being exchanged.

I already own a Nokia 6230 mobile phone on the Tesco network.

The series of events evolved as follows:

Sunday 9th December 2007

Purchased a Nokia 6300 telephone from Tesco,together with groceries totaling in excess of £40 enabling the local offer of a reduced price telephone at £99.97 (or similar). Phone fully charged as per handbook, but stopped functioning around 9 pm at home. It briefly switched on, flashed the initial Nokia symbol, then switched off. Recharged overnight, no change by morning.

Monday 10th December 2007

Telephone exchanged without quibble at Tesco, for same model. Duly charged throughout the day. 2 GB Micro SD memory card bought from Carphone Warehouse (Tesco advised they do not stock them), purchase price: £19.05. Loaded music onto card, photographs & ringtones from Nokia 6230 & inserted Tesco SIM card. Phone switched itself off then behaved as previous phone after about 16 hours use. Phoned Tesco Mobile, as instructed on the leaflet with which the receipt was attached, was given a long "PIN Number" to produce when exchanging.

Tuesday 11th December 2007

Second telephone taken to nearest Tesco store. Situation explained at customer services, PIN Number deemed totally irrelevant, & "duty manager" consulted by Team Leader. Advised that till receipt from another Tesco, did not have date/time on the bottom, so telephone would have to be returned to previous Tesco. Explained (politely) that this was rather inconvenient & requested that contacted other store to verify transaction. The duty manager re-iterated that it was company policy not to accept undated till receipts & that it was my responsibility to check the receipt was correctly printed. I responded by pointing out that the till receipt was perforated top & bottom by the receipt dispenser & that was not noticed this until it had been pointed out to me. I pointed out that it would take, due to traffic at this time of the day, over an hour to make this round trip & that I'd been in this branch for over 30 minutes already- as shopping was needed anyway whilst waiting for the store to return the telephone call, confirming my transaction, Stated would be content to wait for the confirmatory phone call. This took an obligatory hour. The call was made & the exchange authorised. The telephone was charged, as previously, my Tesco SIM card from my other phone inserted & all appeared to function correctly.

Thursday 13th December 2007

Noticed telephone had switched itself off, despite being locked. Telephone returned to Tesco together with full explanation of the story so far. Team Leader exceptionally helpful & suggested that the only thing they could conclude was that possibly I had not charged the battery for long enough. It was suggested I take the telephone home & charge it overnight. I stated that I was more than happy to do this & was in fact doubting my own sanity with regard this model of telephone, wondering what on earth made me the only person to have found fault with it. Suggested that the store may like to conduct this experiment themselves- which was agreed & that if I was wrong - that I would not only offer profuse apologies, but also buy the team leader a bottle of wine for my being a nuisance, if it worked the following morning. (Sincerely hoped I was wrong & had undercharged the phone battery.)

Friday 14th December 2007

Arrived back at Tesco on my way to work, Went to customer services, advised by a very helpful Team Leader there was a message regarding the telephone & that the duty manager would deal upon arrival as she was fully aware of the situation. Rang my workplace to advise I may be delayed. Team leader enquired of the set of circumstances. Advised team leader of the situation and she rang security to retrieve the handset. Again, despite the re-charge, the handset did not work. Whilst waiting for the telephone & browsing in the vicinity of customer services, there was now an offer on this particular handset which offered it for sale at £64.97, providing over £25 was spent in-store prior to purchase. Asked Team Leader what to do in light of the fact that all that was wanted was a mobile phone of this particular model that worked, nothing more. Advised that the choice was either a full cash refund or a (4th!) replacement telephone. As I had bought all the accessories for this particular model, there seemed little choice but to try another exchange in the hope that the defective batch existed no more. Enquired as to whether I was entitled to a £35 refund due to the new offer but was advised that since the initial purchase was made before the offer that this would not be possible. Suggested that if a full cash refund were given, £25 spent on groceries, then a new telephone purchased, then surely this would be acceptable. Advised by team leader that as a goodwill gesture, it would indeed seem appropriate. Duly received cash refund & started shopping for groceries totalling in excess of £25. Halfway through my shopping the Team Leader approached me, very apologetically and explained that: The duty manager has said that because you have already had 3 telephones, you are not allowed to buy another on this particular offer. I explained, very politely, that I felt rather aggrieved by this, but in similar circumstances could understand that it looked very strange that only one person could possibly manage to obtain 3 consecutive defective telephones from 3 different Tesco outlets. I left the store having made no purchase.

Advice please?
Contact trading standards they gove good advice.

Approach manager at first store again and quote 'sales of goods act' to him/her. This act says that goods bought must be fit for the purpose sold which obviously none of your phones were. Tell the store that you have be in touch with Trading standards and that they said that Tesco is at fault and that you are within your rights to ask for the phone at the reduced rate.

I fell off my bollard at one stage - have you tried phoning Nokia or going into a Nokia shop to see if they can help?

If not, if the phone is not fit for the use for which it was intended, I believe under the Trades Description Act you are entitled to a full refund or replacement. If you get your full refund, you could buy your £25 shopping and be quids in again. Many shops will try and fob you off with a replacement or credit to the value of your purchase but I believe you are entitled to a full refund should you wish - don't be fobbed off with "it's company policy" - Just reply "I dont give a sh!t what your company policy is, it does not comply with the law" !!! That said, I've never had a problem with Tesco so hopefully they will continue to play ball, unless you come across that duty manager again.

Good luck whatever happens mate.


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Does anyone else find it worrying that a man that can't work a mobile is recruiting people into the RN :dwarf: :thumright:


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You ask for advice.

Before advice can be given, could you let me know which model Nokia you will be purchasing next? My contract is up in a couple of months so will need to steer clear of whatever you choose......

Seriously, you may have purchased 3 phones "under that scheme", but hadnt you also returned 3 phones?

Contact Trading Standards they are pretty good at this stuff.


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Cheers guys, apologies for the lengthy chapter & verse...

Trading standards it is then, as suspected. The irony is I bought exactly the same Nokia 6300 from Carphone Warehouse on O2 & it's been fine since 14th Dec.

Have to say I probably spend around £4k per year at Tescos & have done for many years without cause for complaint, but this is unusual to say the least.

I wrote & complained, the gist of the letter above & have consistently been fobbed-off with promises of the store getting in touch- they haven't.

Anyway, Sainsbury's have proffed, needles to say.
After three attempts with the same fone I would have thought that you would've given up .

Advice---go to Woolworths ---they are doing some ace deals on a lot of
phones at the moment --- contract or buy and pay as you go.

:nemo: :nemo:


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That's what you get for letting a clanky near anything technical. :thumright:

I've had a Nokia 6300 since March, works perfectly well.


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Jimmy_Green said:
That's what you get for letting a clanky near anything technical. :thumright:

I've had a Nokia 6300 since March, works perfectly well.
Only because no-one has shown you how to open the box, Jim :thumright:


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You see, that's where you went wrong. You shouldn't use your air-cooled, fine adjustment tool (FBH) to open the box. The only reason I couldn't open mine was because my bunk light was off (again) and I couldn't see what I was doing.


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A stoker that can read always needs supervision, so a stoker that can read and also knows how to make telephone calls is just too much of a dangerous combination. No wonder they gave you a duff handset.


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I''m sat here waiting for two Motorola phones to be delivered from Vodafone, looked at NT's choice (before reading his tale of woe) and decided to go for the Moto, here's hoping that its the right decision.

Crazy world now, Voda on line are offering the phones I've ordered for £63 including a free bluetooth headset (I don't know what that does but it was free :thumright: ), I went into the local Voda shop, same phone without the headset £80. Asked if they could do any sort of deal as I wanted two phones, gave them the web price, no sort of deal on offer from the shop. Its hard to see the sense of it at times, especially taking into account the fact that they not making postage charges either at the moment.


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janner said:
...including a free bluetooth headset (I don't know what that does but it was free :thumright: ),
Happy to stand corrected, but I think it changes the colour of your teeth, mate.
I had a perfectly good Blackberry 8100 in black that matched my DS lite and my iPod (a girl likes to be co-ordinated). It did internet, email, synching with Outlook, and even allowed me to make calls and send texts.

I got a new red 8120 for Xmas, and it has taken the PO Stoker nearly 5 days to get it sorted and it does not do internet yet and worse, it causes a colour clash in my handbag. :(


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rosinacarley said:
I got a new red 8120 for Xmas, and it has taken the PO Stoker nearly 5 days to get it sorted and it does not do internet yet and worse, it causes a colour clash in my handbag. :(
Tesco's was it?
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