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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by imom1406, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Whilst your doing the postal round, looks like the Prisons will need some looking after!! They're going on strike too...!!

    So if your drafted to Iraq, see if you can get it changed to HMP Holloway Womens Prison!!

    HMP.....very close to HMS....Secretary of State won't know the difference anyway!
  2. I had heard about that one! Radio FiveLive last night!
  3. All we need now are the Fire and Ambulance services and w have a full house!
  4. I'm sure you young guys can do it ok - it'll give you a break from sea duty.

    Recall the Green Goddesses / Binmen / Ambulance and Coal deliveries of the 70's ? - they grabbed a lot of us from the shore estabs - fortunately I never had to do the Prisons or the bin lorries...

    I wouldn't recommend Holloway - unless you are built like Rambo !!
  5. [quote="whitemouse] I wouldn't recommend Holloway - unless you are built like Rambo !!

    or a lesbian!!!
  6. or a lesbian!!![/quote]

    Now, now .. isn't that an 'ism' and not allowed ? :wink:
  7. Women in comfortable shoes.....!!!!
  8. Problem now imom1406 is there are no longer many of us to grab for these jobs anymore.


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