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I knew that I would at least be declared TMU as I'd hurt my back and had lost flexibility, there were also one or two other things but they were all temporary and rectifiable with a future medical. However I happen to take lansaprozole just now and then for gastric reflux-apparently this is a P8 ie permenant medical unfit! I am so upset its unreal. I hardly take the tablets now. Absolutely gutted. Any thoughts as to what I can do?


I'm not sure I understand - are you applying to enter or are you already in? You cannot be declared Temporarily Medically Unfit for Service if you are not in the Services!

Assuming you are not in the Services, I'm afraid gastric reflux is a barrier to entry, providing it is not solely caused by infection with a little bug called Helicobacter pylori. If this is the case, and you received treatment and are completely symptom free 1 year down the line, and not on medication any more, then you may be reconsidered.

However I assume that this in conjunction with your bad back and the "one or two other things" caused the decision.

The medical standards do seem arbitrary at times, but they are ultimately there because we have a duty of care to our personnel and knowingly putting those with need for medication into an area with limited supplies would be negligent.
i may be a prick matei make no apologies for that unlike Angry Doc i was brought up in the part of the Medical Branch of no compassion so don't worry i m not offended i m used to it ,if you cant take the shit don't jump into the toilet

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