More labour sleaze.....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The twat even tries to play the race card.. :roll:

    I was going to make a comment about being "whiter than white" but best not.

    ".......The MP for Leicester East was intervening on behalf of solicitor Shahrokh 'Sean' Mireskandari who, following revelations in this newspaper last year that he had convictions in the U.S. and bogus legal qualifications, has been suspended from practising law in Britain.".....

    "....Mr Vaz said: 'We are deeply concerned about the apparent way in which this ethnic-minority firm of solicitors has been dealt with."...

    How most MP's haven't been banged up for being corrupt, thieving, lying conniving cnuts is beyond me.
  2. This is the arsehole who stood against the film Fitna even though he admits he has not seen it. He also defends the banning of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilder the maker of the film from visiting Britain yet invites the terrortist Tamil Tiger leaders to a meeting in Westminster.

    He joins in Muslim rallies, was against Salman Rushdy and seems as though it was a thought out move to lie and cheat that he was worthy of being British in a move to get into parliament and then stick up for terrorists etc; from the inside.
  3. That is outrageous.
  4. Another dog has his day.
  5. wonder will there be a cover up on this item

    Minister beaten

    Or will "Sean" be hired to defend the attackers?
  6. Equally an English Labour party official has been accused of racism after asking for an interpreter at the Scottish Labour Party conference. He later claimed he was asking for the micropnone volume to be turned up, but fail to see how he needed an interpreter for that.

    I really think that NuLabor's arrogance has actually managed to surpass the levels displayed by the Tories in their final days. That combined with their total lack of shame really beggars belief.

  7. Honours police arrest Blair aide Ruth Turner - 19/01/07
    No 10 clashes with police over aide arrest - 20/01/07
    Honours probe police hacked No10 computers - 21/01/07
    Honours probe quiz for No 10 aide - 24/01/07
    Number 10 denies deleting e-mails - 26/01/07
    Honours police ready to seek No10 warrant - 27/01/07
    Honours police arrest Lord Levy - 30/01/07
    What Levy arrest means for Blair - 30/01/07
    Blair interviewed again by police - 01/02/07
    Tories ask how Tony Blair can afford 5th home - 04/02/07 He can't afford it on his declared income. There are even reports that the taxpayer might have to meet the cost of improvements to the property! The Blairs also own two flats in Bristol which were bought with the help of the Australian conman Peter Foster
    Powell to be quizzed again on honours - 06/02/07
    Former Blair adviser 'hung out to dry' - 18/02/07
    Blair aide questioned again in honours inquiry - 21/02/07
    Police question Blair aide again - 21/02/07
    Attorney General halts BBC probe the cash for honours investigation - 02/03/07 and then claims to have acted "completely independently of government" on the matter
    Cash for honours 'cover-up' email sparked Goldsmith gag - 03/03/07 Police hacked into Downing St computers as they suspected evidence was being withheld
    No 10 denies leaking cash-for-honours email - 06/03/07
    Judge rejects honours injunction - 06/03/07
    Injunction row examined - 06/03/07
    Blair aide's 'concern over Levy' - 06/03/07
    Blair aide alleges that Levy 'asked her to lie' - 12/03/07
    Aide alleged Levy 'lie' request - 12/04/07
    Labour lender admits to talk of a peerage - 18/03/07 Prof Sir Christopher Evans, who secretly lent the party £1 million to fight its 2005 election campaign, has admitted that he discussed receiving a life peerage with Lord Levy, the Labour Party's chief fund raiser
    Police told Blair would resign if cautioned - 25/03/07 so they didn't. Very stinky!
    Labour repays £1m Evans loan - 07/04/07
    85pc of health cash 'goes to Labour areas' - 12/04/07 more like genocide than sleaze
    Police hand honours file to CPS - 20/04/07
    Honours probe talk 'not helpful' - 22/04/07
    Honours police want Blair as a witness - 03/06/07
    Cash for honours aide Ruth Turner rejoins Blair - 13/07/07
    No charges on 'cash for honours' - 19/07/07
    Blair 'pleased' at honours ruling - 20/07/07
    Honours probe questions begin - 20/07/07
    Labour faces inquiry over party donations - 27/11/07
    Donations: Labour general secretary resigns - 27/11/07 the toady Peter Watt
    Labour boss quits over donations - 27/11/07
    Brown admits donations 'unlawful' - 27/11/07
    Tory not told she had 'given' Labour £25,000 - 28/11/07
    David Abrahams only has £144,000 of assets - 28/11/07
    Labour's top figures may face police questions - 28/11/07
    Secret donations: the unanswered questions - 28/11/07
    More Labour heads to roll as the story unfolds - 28/11/07
    Crucial dates in the donations crisis - 28/11/07
    Tony Blair: I'm sorry for sleaze attacks - 28/11/07 Tony Blair regrets attacking the Tories so hard over allegations of "sleaze" in the final years of John Major's government.
    Hunt for 'mystery benefactor' in Labour's illegal donations scandal - 29/11/07
    Brown under fire over donations - 28/11/07
    In full: Mendelsohn statement - 28/11/07
    Donations row referred to police - 29/11/07
    Labour donation 'clearly illegal' - 29/11/07
    Downing St deletes donations row - 29/11/07 Want to read how Gordon Brown responded to tough questions on the donations row currently engulfing the Labour Party? If yes, don't bother visiting the official Downing Street website
    Labour at war over party donations - 30/11/07
    Police could question PM over secret donations - 30/11/07
    Labour donations: Key players - 30/11/07
    Abrahams makes proxy donor claim - 01/12/07 David Abrahams repeats his claim that Jon Mendelsohn knew in April how he planned to make his donations
    Labour trapped by anti-sleaze law it created - 02/12/07
    Hain admits more donations errors - 03/12/07
    Labour's 'secret' Scottish donor gave £300,000 - 10/12/07
    Lord Levy 'stymied cash-for-honours report' - 16/12/07 Tony Blair's personal fundraiser tried to stop publication of a crucial piece of evidence
    John Major accuses Labour of 'systemic sleaze' - 16/12/07 he must have been reading this page

    Just a few of the 2007 stories.
  8. Time for a change methinks!!!

    Even the hardcore northerners who were seen off by Mrs T must realise that voting for New Liebour is bloody ridiculous!!
  9. Daily Wail = Daily Crap

    Actually I've just spotted the same thing in the online Grauniad.... so it must be true!!! :D

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