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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by danny, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. Has onyone who joined up around 7 months ago had there pay rise your supposed to get after 26 weeks in the mob? i havent neither have any of the rest of my class. UPO and Jpac both blameing each other going round in circles feeling dizzzy......
  2. life in a blue suit, if you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined up.
    Have you asked you DO to sort it? its what he's there for
  3. yes but he got cought up in the same circle as me jpac and upo jpac up jpac upo. he then turned green lol

    i cant beleve they are having this problem still. i mean in theory there must be around 50 people getting this pay rise every week in the RN. thats since we went live.
    Plus the crabs get the same pay rise and thats since april. so how can they still not understand where the problem lies.
  4. It's not the only snag they're trying to fix, I guess. I think JPAC are working balls out to get as many of the snags fixed before the Army comes on line in March. Then we can all say goodbye to getting anything done on JPA for about 3 weeks. Thereafter the whole thing will be at a permanent crawl...
  5. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    I've had my pay messed up constantly for the last 8 months.

    When JPA went live a couple of months ago, the UPO's fcuk-up (and it was their fcuk up) then became a legacy problem for JPAC to try and sort out. I've been told I'll be lucky to have it sorted by the end of March. They've had to resort to writing letters to get it sorted.

    I've known people to get charged for making lesser mistakes but as usual, the white mafia get away with it again...

    I do sympathise with you shippers but look at it this way-it's going to get to you eventually and you'll have it in a oner to spend as you like! :grin:
  6. Know the feeling!! Left a ship in July, and the usual LSSB overpayment and recovery all went well. Came on LFS and got my LOA, great, but another random month of LSSB appeared. I've been reporting it since October and rather that take it back, I'm getting more money each month from some sort of "transitional" payment

    UPO here can't do much but deal with JPAC as we don't have JPA and won't for a long time
  7. The way things are going its going to be my overdraft it will be paying off. :)
  8. Likewise I was due a pay increase, div PO told me to put in a chit to the UPO to ask for my pay scale details to be amended, seemingly JPA has a problem with increasing your pay when you've not been promoted (ie if you are an AB but get put on to a higher pay band).
  9. yeah i just cant understand why if they have this problem with around 50 matloets every week plus however many crabs it hasnt been sorted.

    i mean its quite a major thing. you give up your PVR option and are promissed the pay rise.
  10. Bearing in mind of course that it is a civvie company that runs JPA, so its employees are not affected by this... which makes it a lot less urgent for them probably.
  11. Are you having a laugh m8? The White Mafia - at least the Writers Branch side of it disappears in two months time to become the Personnel Logistics Branch. Who's going to even try to help you with your Pay problems then? If your pay has been mucked up for eight months then the only person to blame is yourself for not taking it further. Have you never heard to complaints and representations? Stop blaming the Writers and GET A LIFE.

    Rant over.
  12. I'm owed over £1000. The UPO can't do shit 'cos the problem lies with the JPA people.

    Can't even get an advance of pay.

    I hope some admiral's reading this.
  13. If you are owed £1000 then the UPO can, if they want, advance you the money! There is nothing stopping them giving you an advance.

    Just saying the problem lies with the JPA people is crap, have you spoken to them?
  14. If it's a Basic Pay problem, your UPO can't do Jack about it. What will usually happen (i.e. every time I've had to deal with it) is that you have to raise an I-Support with all the details to JPAC, who then take 10 days to tell you "Get your UPO to deal with it". Your UPO then report exactly the same details you did to JPAC and 10 days later JPAC say "Yes, we agree there's a problem, get him to raise an I-Support."

    They are the biggest bunch of slope-shouldered incompetents ever employed by the MOD, and that's saying something.
  15. JPA doesnt recognise promotion or requires manual input (talking from experience) but by whom i do not know!! Currently our CPO Writer does the audits too...everyone seems to be getting audited to started with.....who will do these audits when the Writers disappear? I have called JPA to be told by the 12 year old that "i must have the wrong password" coz he could not log me in...yet I was logging in myself whilst talking to him, so the prob didnt lie with me! And I asked to talk to his supvr and he adv he didnt have one! I worry...
  16. In the good/bad old days, your UPO could promote you subject to all the paperwork being correct and signed off by the CO, but they could only promote you to the next higher rank, because that's the way the system worked.

    With JPA, whoever has access to the promotion part of the system can promote you to Admiral of the Fleet if they feel like it. They decided that this part of the system should not be available to sproggy Part IV Writers in UPOs (probably a good move) and only to your Career Manager. What's supposed to happen now is that when your promotion is due, your UPO should signal (I believe) DNCM with the request to promote you. The Career Manager then makes it happen.

    Regarding pay rises, ALL Basic Pay is a JPAC matter. End. Of. Story. However, there are certain areas that your UPO is still responsible for which can affect your Basic Pay, such as making sure that your qualifications affecting Pay Increments are entered correctly. This is where things can get slightly murky...

    So... you go away, do your course, and come back qualified for your next increment. Then when the date rolls around 8 months later and your increment hasn't been paid, you raise hell in the UPO/Ship's Office, only to find that it wasn't actually the UPO's fault, because your DEPCO/DO had arranged the course without telling the UPO. You'd gone on the course without telling the UPO, come back from the course without telling the UPO, and the establishment at which you'd attended the course hadn't raised the paperwork or forwarded anything to us, assuming our balls were made of crystal rather than flesh. To pour salt on the wounds, you have zero paperwork on you to actually prove you did attend this course. Ho Ho Ho.

    Was it your fault? No, of course not. You quite rightly expect your divisional and training management not be staffed by a bunch of fcukwits who think administration happens when the admin fairy comes in the night to make sure all the paperwork's tidied up, but sadly in the Real World, this isn't the case. Equally sadly, even when everything is done properly at your end, there are muppets in UPOs too. So you get shafted coming AND going.

    The bottom line is, YOU need to make sure your UPO knows when you're going on these professional and leadership courses. And just in case your UPO is manned by muppets, YOU need to check they've awarded you the correct qualification. It might not be your responsibility or your fault, but it IS your pay. Look after it.
  17. Ha Ha!

    Oct 06
    Basic pay - OK
    S/M pay - OK
    ROPD - OK
    Nuc Par - OK

    Nov 06
    Basic Pay - OK
    S/M Pay - Nil
    HTD - Nil
    Nuc Pay - Nil

    So I made a polite but firm call to the UPO - promised all to be sorted out by next month.

    Mid Nov 06
    HTD OK

    Dec 06
    Basic pay - OK
    S/M pay - OK
    Nuc Pay - Nil
    HTD - utterly screwed up. Gave me it at the wrong rate & claimed back what I'd been payed already.

    I was told that I could get an emergency advance if I needed it, but that it would almost certainly be taken out of my wages the following month, whether the matter was sorted or not. I don't need it that badly, and I don't trust the UPO to sort their shit out.

    Which turned out to be a good idea.

    Jan 07
    Basic OK
    S/M OK
    HTD sorted, I think, but the sums on the pay statement are a damn sight less transparent than they used to be ...
    Nuc Pay - Nil

    During this period I've raised 2 service enquireys with JPAC, as has my section writer.

    Extremely grumpy phone call to SO(Cash)/LPO.
    Phoned JPAC
    Got TX'd to legacy section.
    Legacy section says 'bugger all to do with us, matey', and hangs up.
    Phoned JPAC
    Got TX'd to legacy section.
    Legacy section says 'bugger all to do with us, matey'

    Oh yes it has, matey, can I have your name so I can quote you on my official complaint?

    So we'll see what happens ...
    ... and also how they cope with the payrises in April.

    It's not the amount of money that concerns me, its the fact that I can be sitting at a desk in an office, with all the facilities available to me, and all the short-cuts and contacts that you make on your way to Chief Tiff & you still can't get a damn thing done. What chance has a baby stoker at sea with a disinterested DO got? And a £300 pay cock-up is going to make a whole lot more of a difference to him than it does to me!
  18. Wait until 9 March when they take the system down for 10 days to put the Army on!

    Try getting through to JPAC once they're all calling up too! :cry:
  19. All these folk not getting paid and they keep payin' me for being in Northern Ireland when I've never been there. Any of you poor sods need a sub?
  20. I too have had my pay cocked up. Caused by unit being told to pay LSA at an in field rate. I too had on the 10th day (Spooky day 10 of 10 days in which they have to reply) a phone call from JPAC who told me it was my fault and my units fault and then hung up on me.

    I have logged a complaint withthe JPAC OP's Room which is accessible from JPAC home page[When you find the link].

    If we do not complain nothing will change !!!!!!!!!

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