More info please


:lol: Hi all,

Daft questions again. If i were to join at the age of 29 how many years can i reasonably serve.maximum. Has anyone any idea of how the pension works out


Hello kingy

This is from the RN website;

'From 1 November 2006, all Royal Navy/ Royal Marines Ratings and Other Ranks will join on a Full Career, which is for 18 years or to age 40, whichever is later. There may be opportunities to extend service beyond the Full Career, depending on the needs of the Service and your wishes.'

Not sure on how the pension will work out though. Check out the pensions page at Armed forces pension scheme which includes a pension calculator.


War Hero
Interesting since the site I looked at says:

Ratings join on an initial engagement, or Open Engagement, which is for a period of 22 years from the age of 18. If you wish to leave during the 22 years then you are allowed to give 12 months' notice at any time after serving two years 6 months. Officers join on an initial commission of 12 years, but you are able to leave either during training or when training is completed. A return of service of between three and five years is required dependant on branch (see individual job profiles).

Think you might have crossed wires Phaedrus.



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Must have missed that one then. Apologies - about time they updated the bleeding website then. Would be interested in having a copy of the DIN if anyone is able to save it and email it to me. I can't access the MOD Web or any other service intranet from my curent position.

Confirmation of the new engagements from the FLEET Website:

"On Sunday, 5 November, the first recruits to the RN and RM joined the Naval Service on the new Full Career (FC) which has replaced the Open Engagement (OE1). These personnel will serve for 18 years or to age 40 which aligns with the Early Departure Payment point of AFPS 05.

As well as the change from OE1 to Full Career, 2OE will be replaced by Extended Career (EC) in 2007. Regulations are being developed for the Tailored Career (TC) which will also be introduced in 2007 and will enable the recruitment of personnel for varying lengths of career from 2 to 17 years."
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