More info on ET (WE) please.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Soothsayer, May 6, 2010.

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  1. I have done all the tests and got my SC in march 09 from london afco and still waiting for entry date. A few questions, I can't seem to find on here the answers i'm after. 1: is et(we) mainly a ship job? ( i'm hoping so), or is there job on shore.
    2: and when we come to shore, do you get deployed out to sea again after a month or so, or do you spend the same amount on shore that you've spent out to sea.
    3: and with your holiday, (5 weeks) do you have to wait till you come back from deployment to take it or can you disembark your ship mid deployment.
    4: do et(we) spend most of thier time above bored or down below. I'm guessing it depends on which systems you are assigned to.

    Thanks for your wisdon, although i am expecting a bit of flak for not asking my CO when applying.

  2. As far as I know the "Holiday" is taken at set times and not during detachments. It's a bit like half term but for the military...

    As for the rest I'll let somebody more qualified jump in!
  3. 1. As ET(WE) you will be mainly drafted to a ship. That said, you will have whats known as harmony time where you may be put somewhere such as dockyard support.

    2. Depends, some people go back to back drafts, other have a large time in between ships. Harmony time does insure that you have a set amount of time shore-side. I'm not bang upto date on what the current harmony time is for ET's

    3. You can request to take your leave when ever you like. Whether you are allowed to take leave is decided by your line manager (Section Chief). If your needed then your leave won't be granted. I have had ET's taking a week off mid deployment to go round Thiland, because they could be spared, they were allowed it.

    4. As an ET(WE) you will be moved around the sections aprox every 6 months or so to give you an experiance of each section. It is possible (depending on your ship) for you to stay in a particular area if you really like it.
  4. Soothsayer how have you not got a date yet? Was there a delay with your app?
  5. Wisdom from a bitter and twisted ME - As a WE you will only work half days. It must be your aim to go to watchkeepers lunch at 1130 - then you can get your swad down for the afternoon. Make sure you have a good oppo to keep turning you so you don't get bed sores.

    Best of luck & hope you get an entry date soon.
  6. soot - thats done me great for the last 20 yrs, hence why all us WEs are still skin and essence whilst you stokers resemble a busload of Lebanese Saga holidaymakers on a day off from their papers round in Beirut ;)
  7. Aye. brushteeth

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