More info on AET's please.

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Chewy, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Any AET's out there who can answer a few of my questions??

    I'm aware of the Navy pay scale and know the pay during basic training and phase 2 at sultan. However im interested in finding out how much it goes up to when your qualified as an AET after the 6 months at sultan?

    The navy scale for Able rates is something like; £14500 to £ 25000.

    I was hoping that the pay for engineering technicians would be towards the middle to top end of the scale? say £17000?? any one out there have first hand experience?

    Obviously it's the Navy team spirit and life style I have signed up for and not the money! But was wondering how long it would take to get me back up to the wages i'm on now.
  2. Never mind the life style go for the brass!
    My advise would be to enjoy the lower deck for a couple of years, get any educational qualification needed for SD officer (are they still there?) and go for a commision
  3. SD officer?, is that like an upper yardie
  4. In my time the Upper yardsman entry to officer was for young guys while I think that the SD route could be used by senior rates under the age of about 30
    Any other old fart out there please correct this if I am wrong.
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Upper Yardman is the route for qualified personnel under the age of 26 on the day they join Dartmouth. Senior Upper Yardman is the route for Senior Rates over 26 and has now been extended to the age of 45 I believe. There is no Officer route for Junior Rates over the age of 26 in the RN....... unless you can get an age waiver or special dispensation from the Branch Manager/ AIB.

    Unfortunately, and for reasons which still bewilder most, AET's are on the lower pay band until they reach Leading Hand, therefore you will join on the new entrant rate of pay(£33.32 per day) and then progress through the lower pay band from level 1 (£39.24 per day) with an annual incremental pay rise.
  6. Best advice I can give you is to go for "Fast Track" selection to Leading Hand. You need to do well in your courses and pass a selection board, then after a couple of years at the bottom you'll be selected for Hooky and will have the chance to be Fast-tracked to PO on completion.

    Not going to lie to you, it's not easy, only the top 2-3% make it, and you may be in studying when your mates are out on the Ras. But it is worth it. When you're sat there with 30+k in your back burner after about 5-6 years, and your mates are all still AB's, who will be laughing then?

    It's not just about academic ability either, you also have to show the right attitude throughout your training. On day one of your trade training, let them know your aspirations, and keep saying it all the way through. If you get through all that ok, post another message and i'll give you some tips on how to pass the selection board (as I did a few years ago).

    Good luck fella
  7. Almost right - for SD (as was) you had to be at least a Petty Officer and had to be promoted to Sub Lieutenant before your 34th birthday.
  8. Thanks Grubber.
  9. Not quiite - read BR 1992
  10. Can someone please help me out, I'm on hookies course at the minute and am on course for fast track however, I've heard that it's difficult when you get into the 'real world'

    Has anybody out there got fast track? Is it a battle or do the squadron know you've got it and are helpful?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    It's not difficult but ,just as you have had to at Sultan, you need to stand out. I assume from your history that you are coming up to JFH?
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I have also just read your last post about CofC, you didn't get a lot of help there did you? You will pass out with limited auth level C if your AEO awards it, this means you can supervise work which requires no independent checks or fault diagnosis, basically you are limited to husbandry work and some out of phase maintenance, you will have to do a CofC. The process for CofC is that you have 12 months to achieve it excluding your courses on aircraft type, I seem to remember you were a rigger so I assume you are now a grubber? On GR7 your mechanical Q courses are 6 weeks, under the new schoolhouse system you will start Q courses as soon as possible after joining 20 Sqn.

    Your CofC will give you full Auth level C under the Jap, so you can supervise all aircraft maintenance including fault diagnosis and work which requires independents. Once you have some experience your AEO will probably award you limited Auth level E to carry out independent checks
  13. I know of a few lads who have been told there going fast track and when they've asked for more info on it they've found out that all the they are going to be good for is flex ops packages because they wont be sitting a CofC, it'll take too long if they are to be promoted to P.O. quicker!

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