More help for a newbie please- Branch choices/ recruitment?

As some of your may have gathered I am aiming to become a MCD. I haven't officially started the recruitment process yet but I have a fair idea of what's involved- however, I still have a couple of brief questions, so if anyone could spare a minute I'd be more than grateful!

1. From what I gather the Diving acquaint is a very hard course and not everyone makes it. Whilst I am an optimist I also want to be prepared for the worse...if I fail the acquaint, am I allowed to have a second choice of branch ('If I fail Diver I'll go Warfare,' for instance)? Is so, would you have to sit the whole recruitment process again or do you simply carry on from your failed PEDA straight away, but with your secondary choice? If I failed PEDA I'd definitely want to go General Seaman or Warfare.

2. ROUGHLY how long is it, on average, from first walking in to the AFCO to receiving your joining up date? Weeks, months etc? How much notice are you given as to your start date?

3. Finally, can you postpone your joining date after completing the recruitment process? I've just signed on for a 6-month contract with work which means I won't be able to start basic until Feb, but I want to get recruitment over and done with ASAP- can I do this?

Sorry there is so much here but I just want to get it all clear in my head- thanks!


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I think its at least 10 months from AFCO to basic minimum for most branches, MCD included. If I were you Id get down to my AFCO ASAP. Take me for example, I first walked into my AFCO in January and now have only just received my AIB date for the 15th September, and theres no guarantee Ill get selected for BRNC even after passing that! I realise that officers and ratings have slightly different waiting times, but seriously, get down to your AFCO. You dont want to be waiting too long after your contract runs out I take it?
In answer to your branch q, you initally have to put two choices of job on your application forms for that specific reason. Yes you can postpone your entry date for a valid reason such as giving sufficient notice to your employer/honoouring a contract.
Lastly, good luck mate, hope it all goes well for you!

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