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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by letthecatoutofthebag, Feb 26, 2007.

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  2. The annoying thing about Page is that he is sometimes right, especially when he criticises the RAF and Army.... :twisted:
  3. Having used Win2K extensively in the offshore industry I can say it's pretty stable but alot depends on the peripherals you are interfacing it to, also the Command system software will have a decided effect on system stability.
    If the hardware is configured such that the operating systems etc are on a removable/ interchangable hard disk, with backups available, then swapping out to get the system back on line should be easy. Maybe I'm being too simplistic??? :wink:
  4. I agree 100%, I have been using windows based systems for running all kinds of applications offshore and when I install our main system, the first thing I do is fit a secondary system with the same software which will run in tandem with the first and can be hot swapped in a matter of seconds. It is pretty important when we are working to keep stability and if your main system goes down at a critical point it can cause untold problems, but most of the time not life threatening. However, in a combat situation with multiple incoming aircraft can you afford to be seeing the blue screen of death and doing a CRTL ALT DEL?
    Personaly, I hate windows, I have used it at work because I have to but at home I finaly gave up after years of trouble and changed to macintosh, I am using the same laptop now that I bought in 2000 and it hasn't ever crashed, not once. I would never put a warships systems at the mercy of such a pile of crap as windows.
  5. I've just found Lewis' ineffably smug "me-me-me" site - Apparently in Lewisland, having been in command of a small ship once (an ex-CO of DASHER has complained about his factually inaccurate bullshit about Win2K) now disqualifies you from commenting on the out of date rantings of a passed-over Lt who spent his life measuring cod in a 10kt plastic box... I always thought that MM/PP COs (and now P2000s are pretty much the only ones for Lts) were the one set of junior officers who had the exact right to comment, rather than bitter and twisted divers whose main achievements were muscular rather than cerebral.

    Lewis, shipmate, you left more than 3 years ago. Already your memories of life in the Andrew are fading. Your recall of detail - never good - is suffering (I blame the deep dives in DSSCCD) as much as your ability to use a calculator. And your grasp of current big ship systems (WECDIS, the new ADAWS Mod 3, etc) that you can't Google is practically non-existent. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE concentrate on the big picture stuff - BAE Systems, Lord Drayson, the UUURAF - and leave the detailed RN stuff to those who know what the hell they're talking about. Because you don't any more. Thanks buddy!
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Quality comment Geoffrey. I notice Lewis has quoted Sir Max Hastings

    The Telegraph has a former naval officer (with frigate experience) on its staff already, Toby Harnden. TH isn't being exploited as a defence expert, probably because he was a Lieutenant and has been outside a along time. Different if one retires as 1SL/CDS. What makes Lewis page think he is such an expert? Nice photo though, very Walty.

    RR is linked on LP's site. Maybe he's already here. Perhaps he'd like to engage the 'in date' members of RR.

    One post deleted for being off topic, bone etc.

    Bad CO's aims, policy
  7. Having had a look at Mr Pages self promotion site it would appear he is aiming for a tabloid journos job rather than something more meaty like the Torygraph. Mind you even when the Torygraph had Tony Preston who was in general very good they could still get things wrong.
  8. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Okay. Lewis is a bit of a whipping-boy for you nay-sayers, isn't he? And we all love to exploit the fact that he's possibly just a little red-arsed to be of any significance (by some considerable time, in my instance)

    But who else is banging the drum for us? Any of you lot sticking your head up over the parapet and putting your money where your mouths are? I see a lot of bellyaching on these boards, and precious little action. Nothing changes much in the navy in that feild, does it? Drip, drip, drip ... and still the shit pours down on us. Page is a bit more than 'a Naval spokesman said ... ' even if he is sometimes a tad Walt and certainly stovepiped by his limited experience. But who else is there? It wouldn't be so bad if we were properly represented, but everyone thinks that the NDA and BAFF are a crock of shit. Don't they?

  9. Equally his argument seems to be based on the simple premise that becaus windows crashes on my PC from time to time it will crash anywhere, rather than looking at why windows may actually be a sensible answer to the problem.

    Windows tends to crash, not because windows is crap and unstable but because the software or hardware it is working with is not up to scratch. Now I am not a great Microsoft fan, I think it is a monopolistic organisation whose sole purpose is to extract our hard earned cash from us not to make our lives any better but to make Mircosofts owners even richer.
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The software for Windows suffers memory leaks and unpredictable behaviour because the software is crap. Any application built on a Windows foundation will be non-deterministic and should be avoided for safety related systems, e.g. weapon control, power, propulsion, etc. Big And Expensive migration to WIndows was, in my understanding, because the accountants didn't understand the distinction between the OS that corporate IT systems used and the OS fundamental to their product applications and simply sub-contracted the lot to a 3rd party who decreed "Windoze". :(
  11. I'm with Geoffrey's view of where Lewis Page should confine his remarks. Page's massive chip on his shoulder about not being able to stay in the RN as purely MCD continues to show with his unhelpful line about FF/DDs only being there to provide promotion opportunities for the gilded few distorting everything else he says. (Sorry Levers but if that is the sort of thing that he is going to keep repeating I don't see how that helps the RN case and I would rather hear nothing from him). He even finds an opportunity to regurgitate it in this latest item on Operating Systems. Noting the bit in that about "antique 24 bit 1 MHz machines with 24K RAM" I take it he is talking about CAAIS. That seems to demonstrate the limits of his actual knowledge of computer systems even in his own limited MCD area! The only mystery to me is why the Torygraph and the Today programme persist in turning to him at virtually every opportunity. If only Richard Beedall who runs the Navy Matters website could be persuaded to burst into print more often. Have a look at and see what you think.
  12. In fact, Levers, I do feel slightly guilty about slagging off Lewis from the nameless comfort of an anonymous username on a web forum, but he does have the right of reply (he's clearly aware of this site from his single Google Ad, and I would expect he Googles his own name pretty often, especially here). Th fact is that he is now a public figure. He comments, extensively, on naval matters, and frequently justifies his outpourings on the basis of his own naval career. Look at his own site, for a start.

    I don't think (and I hope Lewis would agree with me) that a bit of constructive criticism as to his credentials and experience does any harm, and I honestly hope that he starts to recognise that people are calling his bluff all over the place about the huge gaps in his non-MCMV/EOD knowledge. I would be delighted for Lewis to be the voice of reason, the younger generation's mole regarding the "true state of the navy", and the person who could be trusted to tell the actual truth, when needed. As far as I can see, he can't do that, as he's obviously not speaking to any of his still-serving contemporaries about the items that NEED exposing in the media.

    But who else is there? Well, Levers, certainly not you! Whereabouts over the parapet is your contribution - I must have missed it? Anyone would think its coming up to the Cdr's promotion board time of year.... SUCH a lack of Lt Cdrs willing to go on the record these days. ;)

    Yes, I do think the NDA is a misnamed, ill-conceived crock of shit, but that's 99.99% (and I choose the number of Significant Figures deliberately) because of the arrogant self-aggrandising muppet who runs the thing (see some of his patronising disdain in this thread). The BAFF, on the other hand, is an excellent idea - but their raison d'etre is to do with T&Cs, not politics, which is how it should be.

    So, accepting the fact that under QRRNs we're not allowed to comment in print, and that RR (and other less widely subscribed sites and periodicals) is our only legitimate output, I'd say we did pretty well at providing well-balanced and informed comment (once you wade through the inevitable but very necessary (and often amusing) less serious topics on here!).

    Maybe the media will start looking at RR as much as they look at ARRSE, and then Lewis Page can stop using CAAIS as an example of modern AIO systems (even CACS is light years ahead, and that's rubbish - believe me, I know at the moment!) and look at MoD, DE&S (do you even know what that is?) and other organisation abortions that ruin our lives, and our navy.


    And Lewis' comments about that ex-CO REALLY wind me up. If anything, it completely reveals the true nature of the man; bitter, petty and resorting to childish abuse when faced with any criticism whatsoever. He really lets himself down with crap like that - can you imagine Max Hastings, or John Keegan, or Alan West, any other person that with whom he considers himself an equal, responding to a private email in such a way. I couldn't name any ex-COs of DASHER personally (isn't it in Gib nowadays?), but I'd wager that since the ship was launched, they (and other small ship COs) have done a lot better than their contemporaries who remained on Group 5 diving pay, living in their little GRP comfort zone, doing bodybuilding and drawing-pinning their foreskins to pub tables....
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    What does he base that on? Did the angry naval officer tell him so or is LP letting himself down (huge) by putting his own spin on the correspondence?

    As for his P2000 slag off, is there much to chose between being CO of a P2000 or Jimmy of a Hunt boat? An officer being considered for command of a major warship will usually have a broader naval experience than Lewis Page.
  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Thanks for that Cat. My 'question' was more of a suggestion that neither appointment is necessarily Hornbloweresque, even if it leads to greater things. LP has no business slagging off the appointment/person of a P2000 CO from the position of second fiddle on something not much bigger and a lot slower.
  15. Correct, and these days they can't even get conduct unless they've sat CQ1. Which they haven't, because they're not navigation qualified and they cannot be arsed to sit the exams. MM XOs (and OPV 1st Lts) are no more than glorified OOWs, with a special interest in Heads and Bathrooms and a penchant for boarding fishermen and/or swimming with Pusser.

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