More F*****g rules

With the existing laws controlling sex it is difficult to imagine further restrictions on one of the most natural human activies known . What with rape , consent , yes no , he did she didn't , the issue becomes even more confusing with the laws created as in the link below . The rules now involve alcohol and ' I didn't know the gun was loaded ' sort of thing . Short of a written contract stating ' yes you can f**k me ' it seems a couple of ' leg openers ' and a good session may still be illegal even if you get the 'nod'. Rather amusing to read of the new legislation being questioned by lawyers . Still I suppose they have to cover their asses as they screw people without their consent all the time .,25197,22730100-12377,00.html
Bloody hell! I thought you Ockers had more sense. What a nightmare (what an earner for the Briefs)!

Regrettably, this is the sort of thing that would appeal to some of our elected idiots.

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