More EU Regulations - Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by NotmeChief, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. A £2.4m, three-year study commissioned by the European commission’s transport arm has recommended the mandatory installation of the boxes in all cars. They will record 20 types of data, including speed, the car’s most recent movements and whether the driver braked or indicated.

    The information will be used by police and insurance firms to reconstruct crashes and determine who was at fault. It could then be used in court cases. Insurers would be able to expose bogus claimants by checking their account of an accident against what really happened.
  2. 1984 - just a leetle bit later that's all.

    What's the betting that MPs / Ministers will be exempt because of Security reasons ???

    Cynical? .... Moi ? Perish the thought !!
  3. Not just MPs, what about service vehicles?
  4. I was being tongue in cheek here.
    A fair question, but as we all know, Service vehicles don't disobey traffic laws, do they ?? ;)
  5. Quite a lot of that information is already available via the computer systems in modern cars. A lot of people forget just how complex these are.
    The dealer told me the fastest speed my car had been driven at when it had its' last service.
    Through most of Europe after a prang, and if they are able, those involved fill out a standard form which is signed by all parties. This forms the basis of any insurance claim, little or no room for bending the truth later.

  6. Fortunately they do, that is how I "earn" my living. :D

  7. So true. After a call out for the work Astra, the nice man from the RAC flipped the panel under the hand brake lever, connected his PC to a connector there and proceeded to tell me engine rpm's, temperatures and such for the day and preceding days.

    So don't kid your selves the technology isn't already there. It is!!!!!!
  8. More EU Regulations - Good or Bad? In answer to the headline question; bad, as a matter of principle. Facts and truth aren't necessarily the same thing.
  9. Good kids if they can fit one of those boxes to my 1968 and all mechanical Triumph Vitesse convertible. :D
  10. Similar on my ’96 diesel Astra and ’80 Rover FFR ½ Tonner. The problem is, the buggers might try and declare illegal the ones that can’t. I also had worries over that half a**ed idea about road pricing via GPS/Galileo

  11. GPS can be jammed and the sensors are rather 'vulnerable'. :wink:

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