More double standards regarding terrorists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lingyai, May 25, 2007.

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  1. It appears that being a terrorist is not a barrier to US residence.
    One of the Rainbow warrior crushers is living there and selling arms to the govt. to boot.
    Rainbow warrior terrorist

    Don't you just love it, we don't negotiate with terrorists but the FBI will buy weapons from one.
    We don't negotiate with terrorists, but some of the worst bottom feeder IRA terrorists are now in politics, sat at the same tables as our politicos'.
  2. ....and vote them in as President of thier country.
  3. Presumably there comes a point where a certain measure of forgiveness has to occur? It may not be ideal, but since this isn't an ideal world, there's something to be said for efficiency and a broadly best-case utilitarian outcome. If we hadn't had the Good Friday agreement, the murders in NI might still be going on: it does leave a bit of a bad taste in the mouth, but perhaps it's better to have McGuiness at Stormont than for the violence to continue?

    Ref the Rainbow Warrior: just another example of states being happy to welcome terrorists or criminals who have something valuable to offer and who do not appear to be a threat to that country (cf. Nazi scientists being settled in Britain and the US). Comes down to efficiency again, rightly or wrongly.
  4. That's actually ironic when you think about it, the Greenpeace crowd aren't exactly daisies...(eco terrorists)

    kinda wish we had of run over a few of them in the harbour on a few occasions....[​IMG]

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