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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by pro-moto-r, May 8, 2013.

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  1. Hello all. Just joined this forum today.

    I'm currently trying to make the decision of whether to join the RN as a Communication Technician - after sitting the Recruitment Test I was advised that based on my scores I should join as a CT.

    The thing is I can't find out what the job is specifically about due to the sneaky beaky nature of the job. The RO at the careers office did give me some vague details but didn't let on that much - he mentioned that it is basically a sea-going spook, that there is the possibility of going to language school, possibly serving with the Marines, and that the progression possibilities are good, perhaps the best in the RN?

    Is there somebody on here that may be able to give me more details about the job (via private message) such as the main focus and duties of the job, working environment, and it's areas of speciality, progression, training, where I could be serving etc etc?

    I'm getting to the point of really needing to make a decision on whether this is a career for me or whether to train in something completely unrelated at University.

    Hope some one can help?!!
  2. Hello, welcome to the forum! I am still applying myself so unfortunately cannot give you an insight into the role of CT- although hopefully someone will be able to divulge any info that is indeed allowed into the public domain to help you make an informed decision! Although you were advised to go CT, are there any other roles that interest you? I got a highish score but decided to stay with my original as it appealed to me more, so don't feel afraid to explore the other options as well maybe. Also what would you consider doing at uni?
  3. Good luck with your career as a spook :grin:......
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  4. Chaz will be along shortly with the true dit (probably by PM), but as someone who has had CTs in his department on 2 ships, I can safely say it's a fascinating job with great prospects. If you have the chance to go for it I would strongly recommend you do.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    "Herro, I'm a Blitish citizen and want to know all about CT's. Please PM details, I won't tell anyone, honest. 谢谢oops" :rabbit:
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  6. You must be in CT and not a stoker- how did you know that is exactly how I speak??!! Have you been listening in? I hold my hands up, I am in fact Japanese trying to unravel the secrets of the UK squirrels!!

    I have been a lurker on the site for a while now and have noticed that every other question on CT suffers the same issue! If you go onto the MI6 website you can listen to an operational officer give a slight insight into their job role, yet CT is even more hush-hush than that!!

    Of course, that is the whole issue (and the paranoia of the intelligence world!) but it's a catch 22 situation.

    The closest I got to a job description was when my CO joked that CT's were responsible for breaking the news that the Spice Girls were breaking up after listening in on their hotel room!

    I guess I'll have to make the decision by tossing a coin!
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  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be completely honest - I endured a 45 minute presentation on the CT Branch a year or two back (conducted by a guy that has just recently passed selection as a Careers Adviser, funnily enough).

    At the end of it I was none the wiser, but I may have nodded-off, to be fair.

    The Linguistic aspect, I'm advised, is much smaller than the analytic bits. Erm, that's it.

    PS, the glyphs were Chinese not Japanese.
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  8. Thank you for the welcome!

    I was interested in AET but as I'm an oldie the rules changed recently and I no longer qualify! So, I've got to choose wisely now! Uni choices are either engineering, or motorsport engineering. I'm sure they'd be good jobs, but worried my age is a problem to get a job once qualified. Obviously the RN it doesn't matter so much as once in at least I have a job!

    So you fancied CT but are joining as something else? What have you decided on?

    I could imagine that if it didn't have widgets, bob-weights and grease it could well make you sleepy (that's the concern I have being mechanically minded) - well done on enduring it though - I felt your pain when I read that!

    Good to know about the language/analytical weighting though!

    Arigato Ninja_Stoker-sama! :)
  9. That's a great recomendation - this is a big push towards signing on the (dotted) line! Thanking you!
  10. I am applying for writer, when i did my RT my score opened up further opportunities but i have wanted to do that role for as long as I have wanted to join so even with extra research I am pretty confident in my choice and hopefully it will be the right choice! I personally dont know much about CT for obvious reasons and as i havent been in yet so i havent worked alongside any- but if the navy is what you want to do then personally i would say go for it? I wouldn't worry about age on an engineering course, there's a wide array at my uni and my friends of differing ages have secured jobs regardless of age so I would imagine it wouldn't be a huge deal? You can join uni at any age, but the doors to the RN close themselves don't they. If you are unsure about CT do any of the engineering roles appeal?
  11. Similar thing happened to me. I wanted to go in as CIS initially but my AFCO recommended i went for CT after my RT score.

    Chaz will no doubt help answer some of your questions (by PM) as he did for me. General consensus is that CT is a role with very good prospects for progression :toothy8:
  12. pro-moto-r have PM'd you.

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