More delays for sea viper


Lantern Swinger
92rc11 said:
Does anyone know why phalanx hasn't been fitted to the type 45 aswell ???
Delays because so many mounts were converted to C-RAM and sent out for base defence work. The Darings will get Phalanx 1B mounts & associated kit, pretty much as they come back into the usable pool.
Sorry, of course I doubt that the Indians will realistically buy the PoW. Much more likely to be a drop from a BAE PR man. However I did find his save the Navy spiel on Page 3 of that article, rather well, less Navy bashing than I had expected from Lewis Page.
Potential_Officer said:
Hmm might well be in Command of a Picket Boat but nothing more I suspect Scouse!
:cry: Dont take on so PO, I will be going round to Howbeck Lodge Tommorrow!!! DB, :wink: :wink: will grant you a Command of a Pussers Grey, if i so ask

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