More claims of religious discrimination

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 4to8, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. I've separated this as it's clearly a new topic.
  2. :thumbleft: :thumbleft:
  3. Re: Campaign for the Exoneration of the Golly

    To be honest, I wouldn't want somoens kid bleating into the ear of my daughter about jeebus. But I also believe in free speach so I'm firmly on the fence for this one. (Shocker!)
  4. Re: Campaign for the Exoneration of the Golly

    Unjustifiable, the only way to deal with odious specimens such as this are to expose their arguments to debate. Censorship does not lead to a halthy society, but we have to recognise that both of our main political parties are engaged in a race to turn Britain into a more repressive and restrictive state than it already is.

    I'd be tempted to raise this as another topic again, but reading the report I think the main issue is the action of the parent. It appears that her trust in at least one of her 10 trusted friends ws misplaced, as someone then leaked the email back to the school. She claims to be a quiet Christian yet invites friends to pray for the school. I'd suggest that this really boils down to what she may have said in the email and if the school can justify the suggestion that this was misconduct. I note from the article that she tried to make a distinction between her role as school employee and parent, but much of the current case law about employee loyalty doesn't make that distinction; blogs and social networking sites have been the cause of a number of people losing jobs despite the fact that comments were made in the individuals private time.

    Notwithstanding the point that she is an adherent of a proselytising religion yet doesn't do so she is failing to follow the teachings of her own faith.

    All that said, bollocking the child does appear to be a little excessive, given the little we know about the situation.
  5. Re: Campaign for the Exoneration of the Golly

    Finally looks like the HM Government is showing the balls to stand against EU laws for once! I support this action because by publically barring this chap from entry into the UK, the Government are actually condemning his writings as well. It would be against freedom of speech to ban the book, but certainly the powers-that-be have decided that allowing the dutchman (I have no idea how to spell his name) into the country would spark extremism and racial hatred and for once have DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    I'm outraged! :cussing:
  6. It seems the Dutchman in question has now arrived at LHR so we shall have to see what happens.
    I would have thought there would be a problem as one of the basics of the EU is 'free movement of people and goods across borders'.
    At present there are strenuous efforts being made in the the EU parliament to ensure that this free movement is a fact, for all.
  7. Sorry, mate, but I couldn't agree less.

    As has already been said, poor argument has to be subjected to debate and this twerp needs to be heard, so that his views can be shot down in flames.

    It was wrong to ban Farrakhan, as it is wrong to ban Mugabe and any other from the UK merely because they have reprehensible views. The one remaining advantage that we have is free speech, in all its glory, and we must ensure that it remains.

    I listened to a Moslem leader on Jeremy Vine today, who said that this erk must be banned because he is against Islam. This is a speaker who is part of a worldwide religion whose ultimate aim is to ensure that we all become Moslems. No thanks. Free speech - you betcha.
  8. Read in relation to the little Devon maid, how does this look?

    Free speech, technically, isn’t yet illegal here. It would be rather nice to keep it that way.

    Letting Bobby in from Zim would be a different matter. That is to show contempt to his regime and deny him “statesman†status.
  9. It would be blissful in the Uk if all Religions were forbidden and all preachers were to have their tongues cut out.
    There job done, A harmonious society at last.
  10. Is that the 'flying Dutchman'?

    I am in full agreement with HMG having said that Mr Wilders has got himself truckloads of publicity. Apparently he believes he is of Jewish decent which may influence his views of Islam? Anyway we have enough indigenous shite-stirers without importing them from the Low Countries, we should also be looking closely at those in that unelected palace who invited him in the first place.
  11. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Was quite shocked the other day when my 10 year old Grandaughter states quite firmly, "I don't believe in God". I don't know what they do teach in school but it is certainly different to anything I was ever taught. It took years to develop my own beliefs, or lack of them. Even though religion may be taught differently the basis of a healthy human society is the basic tenets of how we behave in society. It must have some basis of religion.
  12. Yeah and Liebour have never given life peerages to anyone who have bunged them a few quid have they?? Throbbers like Lords Alli, Achmed and Mandelson et al as examples.

    Double standards
  13. ex_rubberdagger, Oh dreary me this is tiresome I have said it before but will do so once again. 'The second chamber should be made up of members elected by the people'.

    Incidentally who did the Creepy Baron Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool bung?
  14. Finknottle, oh dreary me you are a tiresome old fart aren't you!! The seat of parliament is made up of people getting up the political ladder by do people favours whether financially or otherwise. I would go so far as to say its just one big club. If your ever invited in there just take a look in the members tea room and you will know what i mean.

    Yes i agree the people in the Lords should be elected by the people but both you and i know that while the various parties need funding from whatever means they have to offer those individuals a sweetener to entice them to part with their cash. Oh look a nice peerage or knighthood, thanks very much who do i write the cheque out to.
  15. Has anyone on Rum Ration seen this film that this Dutch MP has made??
    A quick run down on the content would be informative.
  16. Yes ,it is worth watching.You don't have to agree with yer man's views but it is important to see what the fuss is about. But is it safe to post a linkie? Would this bring a fatwa on RR ?
  17. No, no, it's OK. You only have to declare you're a Moslem, and you have the automatic right of free speech.
  18. Re: Campaign for the Exoneration of the Golly

    I think the two are linked Karma,that why i stuck 'em together. Freedom of speech seems to be going one way.Like it or not the UK is a Christian country and HRH is the leader of that religion and so until such time as one of her offspring turns turk then nobody has the right to downgrade Christianity.Especially if it means bollocking little bairns.
  19. In the interests of free speech and to show what all the fuss is about.Make your own mind up.

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