More Bears in the air!

PartTimer said:
Looks like they're being kept busy. Great PR for the RAF too.
And buried in this article here about the latest interceptions is this revelation:

As relations between Russia and Britain deteriorate, the number of incidents in which Russia's submarines have been found close to British shores or in contact with Royal Navy warships has also risen.
Yet the RN doesn't actively publicise this - perhaps correctly so, but it doesn't help our case when trying to buy new equipment.
Bloody hell lads, this Russian activity is getting scary.

What's the worst that could happen? Cmon, give it to me straight!
If I was a cynic I would say that the RAF had been in touch with Putin in order to justify the next Tranche of Typhoons.

Creddly in answer to your question the worst that could happen is total nuclear holocaust and we all die a horrible fiery death, but hey its Friday tomorrow so I will consider it on Monday.. :skull:


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When the Crabs close up to a Bear, Ivan knows it. So we use the photo-op. When we detect a submarine, maybe Ivan doesn't know it, or what or where or how. So best to keep quiet except to hint at it in a very general way. After all the purpose of all thses probes is to find out what we can or can't do about an incursion.

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