More AET Training/living questions, general ponderings

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by FistFullOfNails, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Going in this Sept, starting the bricking-it-and-realising-i'm-actually-in-the-navy phase.

    1) Met an old friend earlier this year and it's starting to blosom into something more (no you can't see her t'ts!) How realistic is it to keep up a relationship going for AET? Is it a case where I could chose to be based in Yeovilton or a case of the Navy could send me anywhere? Just so I can be realistic and nip it in the bud so we remain friends so to speak.

    I'm hoping to work on structural engineering of the Lynx helicopter.

    2) Which is better to go for in civvie street with working with structural design or Avionics? I imagine avionics is like IT where you're quals become useless after so many that the case?

    3) How hard is the training at Sultan and should I start swotting up now(and if so what stuff should I read)? I found the (and I don't mean to belittle anybody that did find them taxing) psychometric tests a piece of p'iss.

    Cheers big ears, feel free to contribute, speculate or just take the p'iss :p
  2. An aerospace engineering buddy of mine said that "all engineers, engineering techs and students need a copy of this book"

    Might be worth a look at.

    On the note of AET training and living, what is in the taskbook? Is it just routine stuff or does it contain really complex stuff? What happens if you can't complete it for one reason or another?
  3. Cheers zoid, it's my birthday next month so I think I'll nudge my dad in the direction of that!

    What you going for structure or avionics? After being in IT I'm a bit sceptical of Avionics.
  4. No worries, I think they make a new edition every year.

    I'd rather be put on the mechanical side- I'm more interested in that than electrical stuff. For example, I built a guitar amp once. I was more interested in making the housing than the circuit :lol:

    But hey-ho, whatever they decide I suppose I'll do. From what I gather you don't specialise until you reach Leading Hand anyway
  5. FFS dont touch anything painted Black/Yellow :roll: Doc!!!!!
  6. Yes Tim/Doc its okay for him to do it !!! hes a real pilot :wink: :wink: Not like you a Hangar pilot, to be in the FAA :roll: :roll:
  7. You're so mean, Scouse :cry:

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