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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. Okay, I know that Eartha Kitt handed in her ID Card on Christmas Day
    back in 2008. Did anyone famous shuffle off this mortal coil this Christmas
    Day just gone?

    (Free tin of Quality Street to the supplier of this information - can't eat anymore)

    Christmas Day, 2008 - Eartha Kitt, American actress and singer (b. 1927)

  2. But of course.....I was enquiring about any famous Christmas croakings,
    that is December the 25th innit? Y'know - just as the hapless A/B/C List
    celebrity is about to tear the wrapping paper from his/her next gizzit, they
    go all goggly-eyed, drop them new socks/slippers that Gran gave 'em for
    the festive Season and start to stiffen on the solid wood floor under the
    M&S Christmas tree. No famous face appears to have been in the news,
    maybe there wasn't any this year?
  3. T'would be rather dissappointing IMHO. Personally, I was gunning for that [email protected] Amy Wino.
  4. The last surviving fella from the Kon Tiki Expedition died. He was also involved in blowing up the Germans' heavy water plant in Norway during the war. Sad loss.
  5. Not sure who passed over on Christmas Day,but they would have had a good party in haven when they got there,what with Kieth Floyed doing the cooking,Stephen Gately singing,Patrick Swayze dancing,Ted Kennedy playing pass the life jacket and Jacko emptying his sack with the kids :lol:
  6. john travoltas son died on boxing day last year, what a pisser that must have been, you get the gifts and before you get to enjoy them, you die.
  7. Tim Hart of Steeleye Span died Christmas Eve :cry: 61 lung cancer

    David taylor Lab MP on the 26th 63 heart attack.
  8. My dad popped his clogs same day as Keith Floyd.

    His saxaphone playing was possibly better, but his moules mariniere couldn't compare.

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