"morally corrupt Blair"


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Way to go Tone!

From the article:

"To accept this MBE as an honour would mean to me that I would have to accept the Prime Minister as someone capable of giving an honour, i.e. an honourable man, which I cannot find it in my heart to do ," said Mr Corre, 39, the son of fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood.

Wonder if Rush To Die will hand his "Sir" back now that most of the muslim world want to give him a hug and the biggest blowjob of his life?


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fair play. Although the purists might argue that the Honours are given by the Queen. However if you happen not to be a monarchist you can kill 2 for the price of one......
The purists would be wrong SF :) .
The Queen is given a list to "OK", not that Her Majesty has a choice!!
It isn't only the Muslem community up in arms over Rushdie, lots of other non-muslems are too! I can't, for the life of me, understand why he has been made a knight of this country, but then again, part of me doesn't give a flying f.....k

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