Morale in the armed forces

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Right then. Stand by your beds.

    We keep hearing that morale within the armed forces is "fragile" or "in danger" So man up you pussies. What's the score?

    If Jack/Royal/Perce isn't dripping then there's a problem, you lot are dripping like a whore's fanny so stands to reason everything is fairly hunky dory. Yep, you go on Ops, bit like the treadmill of Norway/Ireland/Norway/Ireland. Ok, you get the media attention telling you it's dangerous and you're very brave courageous little thrusters but what's all this sh1te by the top brass in the daily rags?

    So, you joined the forces and end up on operations...? Hello... ? lets face facts. The vast majority of the military current and past are not going to be the wrong end of a two way rifle range, the kit the lads have at the sharp end is pretty shithock, you are paid far better than your predecesors, live in better accomm and get better scran....None of which is a bad thing.

    So why all the dripping? You've got the toys, you get to use them and you get paid well.
    Like you give a fcuk if you cant sustain a long term defence commitment....aint your draft.

    Morale will suffer....... my arrse.
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  2. Who's been dripping?
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    What rank do you want to start from and then we'll work downwards.
  4. This PSOF agrees.
  5. To be fair Blobbs, it's not the fault of the average plebe at the bottom.
    From day one the cards are stacked against them, people who should be there for them just ain't making the trip.
    People like Ninja Stoker and Drakey, for fuck sake they wont even commit to advising the poor bastards which iron to bring with them and when it comes to suitcases well.......need I say more?

    Shame on them.
  6. Not this call sign
  7. Operations, bring em on. Another two years at Culdrose?

    "you've reached the office of Mr Murdoch"
  8. Fuck off it's just that you drip in Cornish and no one knows.
    Fuckin Monty will after he's cracked the jargon, and he can tear his self away from the floral dance.:laughing2:
  9. I love the navy the navy loves me gives my breakfast, dinner and tea!
  10. You cheap tart.
    Mind I suffered with sea sickness.

    Always at sea and fuckin sick of it.

    And they didn't even tell me which iron to bring. Bastards.
  11. Fcuk me Blobs for a moderator that was a wee bit cutting to those at the sharp end. Don't intend going into the logistics shite but have had sufficient experience of just enough just in time shite - got the night sights for my 20mm and GPMGs when we arrived in Palma on the way back from Iraq in 2003 after 110 days at sea that was operational not recrearional like you cold war pussies
    Ask any Bootneck /Percy how many operational tours he has done in the last 10 years and no they don't drip but count the poor fukers coming back through Wooton Basset, Selly Oak and be proud of them.
    Eh up have I just bitten again dooh
  12. Fuckin hell Stan I am the first to thank you for keeping those nasty Iraqi gun boats from attacking our boating lake, especially as we just painted the fuckers.:laughing2:

    Don't suppose you'd come up and fill in the Iraqi in our local post office would ya, I hate the way he looks at me.

    Cautiously grateful of Staffordshire.
  13. Fcuk me caught again I shall consider myself suitably chastised. The very kind I raqi in your local post office rummers looks at you like that because he thinks you are going to rob him and defile his two very young virgin sons.
  14. as he has not been there..............yet.

  15. What again.
    And nice of you to bring that up Stan, I thought that was private.
    Still should have known there was something fuckin shifty about a priest who keeps saying "fuck me you never did you", during confession.
  16. Did you actually have to iron those White duck suits?

    I'm impressed.
  17. Tell you the truth I couldn't iron fuck all, I didn't know what iron to take with me and once when I borrowed one and lit a fire to warm it,...well big fuckin troubs, wooden ships.
    Still I invented fire ship mate .. honest.:laughing2:
  18. I think if you read what Blobbs said, it's stark obvious it was just a wind up, with a tad of piss take thrown in.
    From what I've ever seen of his postings he's as staunch a supporter of the present regime as any on here.
    And it's always the same old same old on here anyway.
    I'm bored shitless with all this dick waving who's generation got it the worst etc etc.
    I know quite a few blokes who bought their own rosette for the SAM.
    Fuck some nasty Irishman even took a shot at poor old me at one time, even if it is hard to believe.
    I mean who the fuck would want to shoot me?:-|
    Names in alphabetical order below then you bastards.:evil3:
  19. Fuck I know your a scot but English is your language as well.
  20. Anyway forget me there are Newbies afoot, good hunting.:-D

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