Moral dilemma ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. The birth of a deformed child presents difficult decisions for parents and authorities . I tend to believe that a severely deformed child would be better not to suffer the indignity of being ' different ' and dependent . This ( link ) discusses a case where an abnormal birth has taken place and remedial surgery to be performed . I always ask the question , is this being done out of genuine compassion or as practice for the surgeons ( and cash ) . When looking at links on ' futile surgery ' I tend to opt for the latter. Futile surgery seems to involve aged patients where death is both inevitable and probably desirable but surgery carried out to extend a now almost finished existance and , I suspect , practice and payment for the surgeon .,25197,22717619-12377,00.html
  2. Welcome back fella, not seen much of you since you`re reported suicide in`45. (Top work with the autobahns by the way.)
  3. well said Ron - ditto :thumright:
  4. Hobbit, I take it that you are, in fact, aware that Doctors (indeed, ALL medical staff) are drawn to the profession to actually HELP people live a better, more comfortable life?

  5. Let's put it this way Lamri the profession is there to cure sickness and as you say help people live a better more comfortable life . Personal experience and then research made me question many of the things we take for granted with the medical profession and I am not alone in this questioning . However , I merely stated an opinion and did not expect the subject to become so personal it has but I will remain on track . I question the 'All 'Lamri from what I have learned in my study but do not make any personal comments etc simply stating an opinion based on a lot of professional material , far too much for this forum . Please remember it is a forum chaps . The link below is one of countless I have studied and worth a look . OK no hard feelings but play the ball not the player.,_Fraud_&_Failure_
  6. I stand corrected Hobbit :) didn't mean to sound personal but you did come across as Idi Amin's nastier brother :)
  7. Roger Lamri no doubt such opinions and comments are against the tide and maybe not appropriate to discuss on line with such an emotional issue involved meanwhile back to the drawing board.
  8. Hey there Hobbit.
    Would you still be saying that if it was YOU with the deformity?
    Why do you go to the Docs with a painful back? -Cos you want a cure (pain to stop),
    Why do you see the doc when you have a gash in your arm? - you want it to stop!

    Why do the afflicted go to the Doc? - they want a more 'normal' life.
    What about the girl in INdia with 4 legs and arms??? How can she live a normal life like that?

    Pissed off like crazy today!
  9. And out of the woodwork pop all the do gooders who have never had to push a ten-stone cabbage around in a wheelchair for fourty years

    Do you belive the ten stone cabbage has a "Life" they may be alive but they do not have a "life"

    The indian child with eight limbs, yes they will chop four off, then the parents can push a wheelchair around for the next sixty years, then what when they die some charity or home will take over, and let them wallow in their own excrement for a week or so

    Do your really think an intelligent "head" is happy to live a life, that only survives because the state gives money for someone to stick food down its throat, and that someone is ecstatic to push a pram around for fourty years, changing nappies every four hours on a fourtyear old adult YEAH it is a great life for all involved

    Again the do gooders triumph, in the fourties the midwife would have ensured the child would have been still born and even earlier the body would not have been able to provide for itself and thus preserve the gene pool

    I claim Godwins law, Adolf was right just picked on the wrong crowd to exterminate, should have stuck to the gypo's, and without intervention the rest would have been natural causes
  10. I do agree that something should be done with the deformed or mentally deficient children that are allowed to be born.

    With the present womb scanning technology for pregnant females its
    probably possible to know before birth the condition of the child in the womb. `
    The only problem is the definition of disability and what is the laid down
    rules for quality of life!!

    Who's going to make the rules!!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  11. You sicken me.
  12. A response from the †other-end†provides a balance perhaps and an indication that there is indeed another side to the dilemma .Recently published books support a growing awareness about the reality of a need to re-assess public attitudes to certain kinds of physical and mental infirmity . One of the publications invites the reader into a nursing home,

    “Come with me into nursing homes where the near dead survive as if doing penance,as if being tortured in one of Dante’s sadistic circles with a second infancy, eyes staring simpleton-blank at the walls, nappies to sop up their urine and excrement. Gentle, well meaning nurses bathe them, clothe them, feed them mashed food on plastic spoons. Antibiotics for their
    chronic infections, blood thinners, cholesterol inhibitors to avert a stroke or coronary. They must be driven onward , onward to get older and older. As Bone points out in her memoir, Bad Hair Days, “ Living
    longer doesn’t necessarily mean living betterâ€. Perhaps death will take pity on those poor souls and deliver tomorrow a fatal kiss. Perhaps one day moral sanity will prevail and license euthanasia as a civilised expression of our humanism.â€

    At this end of the scale options become available for the individual as opposed to the decision with the new born and young . The rules with the young ? a very difficult question/decision . Whatever rules are made someone will be unhappy and not everyone can be pleased . This is reality however and decision time comes for us all whether for a loved one or self and it is never easy even for a beloved pet .
  13. Logans Run, anyone?
  15. not you Lamri of course :rendeer:
  16. GR
    The decision to name someone an oxygen thief is not yours to make.
    Having read all the so called oxygen thief have made extremely valid points. In fact some of their points I agree with some I do not.
    However the fact that you obviously disagree does not make them oxygen thieves.
  17. Jock, I work on a site with just the kind of people you would like to se the back of through "natural causes". Some of those adults have severe physical and learning diabilities but there is no doubt they are human beings who can enjoy life and have interests in common with other 'normal' people, including facists like yourself. For example, Joe might barely be able to communicate with me in english but he likes it when I chat with him or help him find YouTube videos of fighter aircraft. He also enjoys it when one of my class volunteer to sit with him for bingo, etc. In short, Joe is an intelligent human being who likes human contact, unlike yourself. As for your rant about parents having to look after their "cabbages", what can I say? I meet plenty of parents/carers and whilst their work and commitment is emotionally and physically draining they would be outraged at your comments.

    You have dressed your comments up in a kind of vulgar Darwinism beloved of the Eugenecist movement, but it merely serves to illustrate what a facist you really are. The so-called survival-of-the-fittest 'argument' beloved by yourself and other thugs simply demonstrates that niether you and nor they have read any Darwin.

    You rant is disgusting, but your final paragraph is just un-*******-believable. You should be ashamed of yourself, but of course you won't be. And if that means I'm a do-gooder, so be it.
  18. Why Thank You Dear :)
  19. I agree with Slim here. This is clearly an emotional subject but an interesting debate could be had. However here, as in so many other different debates, someone (GR in this case) has decided to try to stifle any other opinion or further discussion.

    This has been seen in other subjects such as immigration to use but one example, whereby people looking at the reasons, effects and possible solutions of illegal and uncontrolled inward migration are purely labelled 'racists' as a way of curtailing that particular debate.

    Already we are seeing personal attacks on posters rather than discussing the pros and cons of the subject.
  20. From whom?

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