Mopeds and such like - Some advice needed

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by security_geek, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. My 17 year old has come to live with me while he does the first year of his apprenticeship.

    I am trying to get him to look at a moped or such like to try to give him some independence from me/OH running him around or having to pay bus/train fares.

    Can anyone give me a reccomendation on;

    1. A good local place to do his CBT (near Wickham). Is there such a thing as a try it out session? he has only ever ridden a pushbike so is a bit uncertain about the whole thing. I have no experience with 2 wheel things either.
    2. What sort of mobey or small bike he should be looking at and what price 2nd hand
    3. A good garage or dealer to buy such a machine from or that can answer questions etc
    Any help would be appreciated. Oh it will have to get him up the back of Portsdown hill every day to get him to Highbury college so it will need to be capable of doing that.

    I have looked through the posts on here but it appears to be a couple of years out of date so thought I would ask for some more up to date advice
  2. Judging by the amount of them on the road the new Vespas seem to be pretty good. I'd say a good 60% of the bikes I see in London are Vespas.

    If you are on a budget you can get a brand new Chinese made scooter for under a 700 notes.

    The CBT is a piece of piss, unless your boy is a complete mong he will have no trouble at all. I liken it to a cycling proficiency test but with an engine.
  3. Vespa's are also the most stolen bike in London this quarter so be careful if buying second hand.
  4. Having come up through the ranks on scoots, 50cc to my current 600cc scoot I would say we all have to start somewhere.

    The CBT will give him the knowledge to ride the machine in a controlled environment. He should listen to the instructor as they will impart a wealth of knowledge about 2 wheeled survival.

    All I would say is tell your lad to ride like everyone on the road wants to kill them and he will be fine.

    There is a lot of bad press about bikes in general and as usual it is reference the minority who the press jump on.

    A 125cc machine will give something like 65 - 80mph and 90+ MPG. My Sym gave me 115mpg.
  5. By-pass the moped and go straight for a 125cc bike. A moped has no "presence" on the road and as such is treated with contempt by most road users.
    A 125 bike, has the power to get him out of trouble, is more stable on the road and can be seen better by the mongs in cars.

    Nelson's in North End Pompey are pretty straight and trustworthy and used to have a good selection of secondhand 125's.

    The CBT is just enough to give him control of the bike, get the DSA guide to riding and or the Police Motorcycle Roadcraft book, tells how to protect yorself from the blind bastards that are out there.

    Remember, motorcycling is safe, till you forget how dangerous it is.
  6. Agree with what has been said to date......... I have a 650 super scooter and a 1340 Mega scoot!!

    BUT he is still a 17 year old lad. Remember that far back? He WILL show off, he WILL speed (I still do, and I'm nowhere near 17!!), he will do 'reckless' things..., 'cos he can, he's 17 FFS!! :lol:

    If he was mine (I have no kids thank God!) I'd start with a moped - yes, slow and arguably dangerous because of that, but a great learning curve. Then after a year or so, the 125, with the added bonus that the insurance is cheaper.

    BUT there is another way. Have you looked at the little cars that are classed as mopeds? Try Microcar or similar. They are very popular in France and here in Spain as you do not need a license of any description to drive them! However, they are not cheap, but how much is his life/comfort worth - plus - it has a back seat...............

    Or a 3 wheeler - don't know the current requirements there.
  7. I have to agree with Sonar he is 17 and will show off. The worst thing I see is riders with their crash helmets perched on the back of their heads, and when they pull off they pull them down without doing up the chin strap.

    Always, RPT. Always ride with at least helmet on and done up, proper gloves on whatever the weather and a decent jacket. There is more but for a ped that is the basics.

    He will not do any of that though because he is a teenager and indestructible I know because I thought the same, but crashes later and still here I learnt my lessons early.

    Ride safe.
  8. Bikes mopeds hate the fecking things To many loons on the roads these days. Used to be a biker in a previous life. Tank slapper at 100+mph on my Honda Four suede shoes ripped to pieces, toes torn, knees shredded gloves ripped off knuckles shredded own fault for trying to look posh when visiting the folks back home. Bought myself a Kawasaki 900ZI when it first hit the streets what a machine. Plod decided I should be a pedestrian for a while with me thinking the knob behind was looking for a race down the country lanes. Unmarked cop car. Amusing at the IOM TT Races to see L plates on a 650 Honda Four with the law stating you can ride anything long as it has L plates in the IOM. Probably changed these days.

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