Moose Milk - recipe wanted!

Many of you piss stained old farts will no doubt recall (through a haze) the Canadians resident in RNSMS who always put on a VERY large fanny of Moose Milk on New Year's Day in the SR Mess. This was a 'breakfast' treat after the Mess Hogmanay do.

It was a cream/ice-cream/and various liquers based drink and for me, was extremely moreish! After a few, which slipped down a treat, ones legs spectacularly failed to function.

So anyone (maybe a Canuck lurking?) got a decent home-based rather than industrial quantity recipe for this drink of the Gods. Or mooses.

No rush, we've got another 9 days yet!


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When I was running the DF Store in Bardufoss, I had to put aside the following each week for the MLs to mix up the Moose Milk for the students at the end of the Cold Weather Survival/Warfare Course:

2 x ltr Bailey's
2 x ltr Tia Maria
2 x ltr dark rum
2 x ltr vodka
1 x tub vanilla ice cream

Blitz, serve and fall over.

There will always be local variations, including those listed here on a Canadian Army website: Moose Milk and Other Regimental Drinks
Saw it being prepared in the 70s but the proportions were never committed to memory not that I remembered much about it.

Melted Vanilla ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, Advocatt, rum, bacardi, brandy, whisky, Tia Maria and nutmeg? mixed in a big bin with an electric paint stirrer(kept solely for that purpose) .

A lethal combination and very more ish


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Trying to make it at home - in personal quantities - somehow doesn't seem right. It only tastes divs when drinking it somewhere cold, remote and with oppos.
Pretty sure you add Whisky and eggnog to ice cream, or Baileys and eggnog if your a pussy. Or:
40oz Lamb's Dark Rum
20oz Kahlua
20oz Vodka
20oz Disaronno
4L Egg Nog
4L creamy vanilla ice cream
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1. Try one part Bacardi, two parts Tia Maria, Ice and topped up with milk - quite moreish.
2. Also "100 Octane Smarties" = equal parts Bacardi and Tia Maria.
I seem to remember it was along the lines of Topstops recipe when we went to Halifax Nova Scotia. They had a big fanny of it going in the SR's mess and it went down luvverly. It never effected my head but some bastard had nicked my legs when we went to leave!

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