moonstone incident true or false?


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Just a bit of help please. Me grandad was in the navy throughout the war, the dumbass volunteered befoe it started. Anyway he was telling me one day about the moonstone. He was on it (but just being transitted with his mate to rejoin his real ship) and he said him and his mate were involved in the moonstone incident.

What was it? Any ideas. I've no idea if its true. He was 87 when he died this year and I have no reason to disbelieve him, so can anybody shed any light on things?
Only Moonstone I can trace is the Anti Submarine Trawler purchased by the Admiralty in 1939 is was sold to Mercantile after the war and scrapped about 1960--ish.

American PY-9 is a yacht designation and its not mentioned in my US warships WW2
Yep its probably what the Grand-dad was talking about ,there's a full story about the engagement in 'Submariners War indian Ocean 1939-45'

Galileo Galilei was commisioned in the RN as HMS X2 and used for training

Scrapped in 1946.


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quite an intresting fing.......I just gooogled it and I got all sides of the story, from the guys the sub sank, the ship it missed with gunfire, from the RAF guys who missed it to the ship that captured the sub.......


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well he was transitting from madagascar to india to re-join HMS Sussex (why him and his oppo were left on madagascar is a bit of a tale), but the Italian sub things sounds about right.

cheers comrades! :)