Moon City?

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by gentlesoul, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. Afternoon,

    Can anyone give me some information about Moon City, Rhu?

    Just want to know the state of the quarters and what to expect. Mr GS is Lt Cdr but we've got no children so expecting the smallest quarter (quite rightly) if there's a shortage up there. I've been told that the houses were designed for Cyprus originally, flat roofs, single skinned etc but have no idea if my leg is being pulled (probably!). :roll:

    Any info/photos no matter how bad would be very welcome. I've looked on Google Earth but a satellite view doesn't tell me a great deal and a search of the forums hasn't produced anything either.

    Many thanks
  2. I was one of the earlier residents in Moon City and the vista as one drives up from Rhu is striiking. In my day they were all electric but were not that expensive to heat through the winter so any way then insulation was not that much of a problem. Certainly then they were all designed for the 'nuclear family' so there were no pokey little flats. In all they were then quite comfortable and certainly ours had stunning views of the Gairloch.

    In my view a lovely place to live but for the confirmed city dweller it may be just a trifle remote.
  3. ....may Narrow it down a bit

  4. Hi GS,

    There used to be a few OMQs at Rhu Road Higher and the quiet cul-de-sac just around the corner at Bannachrae Drive (on the Rhu edges of Helensburgh).

    In preference to Moon City I held out for one of those. It was a much smaller married patch and we found quite a good set of neighbours there.

    Although that was in '70'/80's it might be worth investigating.

  5. Thank you very much for the replies Gents.

    Maxi 77, that's pretty reassuring as regards to size and to BOOTWU thanks for the heads up, I'll ask around ref the other patches and see what's still in use.

    Evil Adj (great name!), as one of about 5 navy wives that use RP, I'm fairly sure there isn't anything about the patches in Rhu but will ask anyway, might prompt a Patch-Pedia update which could prove useful as more boats come out of build and head north.

    Thanks again.
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    That's one hell of a line-of-sight! Living in Clynder, I could see Moon City across the Gareloch but our long-distance scenery was limited to Ben Lomond :)

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