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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by monty_trials, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. Yoh! Monty's Dad here.
    Just returned from Ultralase in Chester.
    Where, fair play the Surgeon about to perform the corrective operation called Me in to explain about the op.
    I had not seen the Paper No1 Son had been issued ref the "type" of surgery acceptable to the Admiralty.
    So I was unaware of the content.
    He has, as You all have noticed, Mithered quite regularly on this Forum about His situation.
    Single minded He is that is for sure.
    I have observed His researches from a slight distance, what do Fathers know?
    Not much in the eyes (sorry no pun intended) of offspring sometimes!
    We have been offered a Superior Treatement, it seems ,that is not recognised or approved by the Navy.
    I/We are now in a dilemma.
    What does the Panel think?
    Sorry to but in on Your Forum.
    Do I need to Register as a Forum member to carry on this Thread?
    I know some Forums are a bit rigid about peeps butting in.
    I have no Navy connections , although I do like the odd Tot of the Ration!
    Oh! I am an RYA powerboat instructor, or is that best left quiet!
    Oh! My Father did fly in Airships before the RFC was formed, I kid You not.
    So maybe that is where Monty is coming from.
    Any comments appreciated.
    Cheers Mates
    Monty's Dad.
    I think!!!
  2. Pull up a seat and crack on mate, welcome onboard

  3. Why not register yourself an account here?Its easy,Monty did it!
  4. Just register yourself , doesn't cost a penny , more than welcome in my opinion. :thumright:
  5. I think that you are already registered. Welcome.
  6. Definitely better to register in your own right. It might get too confusing otherwise if we need to give you a little stick (or you want to dish it out).

  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Here's a comment: RFC formed 13 May 1912, your Father flew in airships prior to that, so was presumably around 18 then (Britain only had military airships at that time), born say 1894, a mere 113 years ago.

    Britain's first operational airship flies 03/06/1910

    How old is number one son then, Norm?
  8. Incidently tried to register.
    Pute not playing will try again.
    No wonder No1 has probs if the Old Man is thick too!
    Well You see, my Old Man lied about his age(probably more easy in those days) He was born in 1900.
    I was born in 47 (the Runt of the litter!) so in 14 He said He was older!
    Probably wanted to have A Crack at The Hun!
    Was posted to Cranwell I think, from memory.

    He didn't say much I had to drag it out of Him.
    Much like others I suppose.
    I didn't get interested about the subject till I was older either.
    As a Youngster You don't do you.
    He died in 88.
    However I remember some stuff.
    As a Young Man from Wrexham He was thinking He was going to fly fixed wing.
    He was sent to (where ever) the Dirigables were moored( see moored like ships I know what I am talking about!) and low and behold that was His first Service.
    I remember Him telling me that the Ranking was "Navy" not RFC ie 1st Mate etc etc.
    When the Balloon burst (oops no pun again) Dad was RFC.
    Gunner in things like RE5's and flew Bristol Fighters.
    Trained chaps in Avro 405's? in Egypt between conflicts.
    In the Second was in Aden (Yemen?) desk job , a bit hush hush He reckoned.
    I dunno, I reckon He had a bit off Mufti on the side!
    Bit of a Lad I reckon in His time ,played Hockey for Wales too. :hockey:
    Played hookey My self a few times. :rambo:
    So No1 was born 27 years ago ish.
    I had a good innings didn't get Married till I was 30 ish.!
    So that's the story ref the Old Man and No1 Son.
    I wish I had asked more questions ref My Dad.
    Back to registering now, it can't be that difficult ca it?
    Oh! and another thing Dad's youngest Bro Skippered an MTB during the Second One.
    Now that's another Tale!
  9. Excuse Me Ninj, thanks for the Link ref RFC etc.
    Just new to Navigating around this Forum.
    Thanks also for Yout input.
    Sorry to abbreviate Your Title but , Christ I am Old and not used to this sight Yet.
    Wait till I get going.
    Could be banned before I get going
    Montey's Dad!
  10. If he served in the Ballon lot then he most probably went to Gt Yarmouth, there was a large RNAS base there that flew derigibles.Also another base in Suffolk,but i cant remember the name at present.

    P.s. as to the registration,if your son used the same puter to do so,it might be that the site recognises the IP adress as him and blocks a double account esp if you use the same e mail address.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ah, it's all making sense!

    So Dad probably actually joined two years after the RFC formed, albeit a tadge under age as was frequently the case.

    Happy to assist with the RFC link.

    Lucky your son's intended surgeon happened to divulge the intended procedure - best bet is for your son to book an appointment at his AFCO to see his careers adviser to verify whether his recruiting test score makes him eligible for any trades without the need for any eye surgery.
    There MAY be some trades available with lower eyesight standards if he scored high enough for Seaman Specialist, but admittedly, it has to be a job you actually want to do. Failing that:

    Second option is for him to book an appointment with the Medical Officer to be absolutely certain precisely what surgery options would enable him to join in his chosen specialisation. It really is no good going by what other people on here may think - the Medical Officer is the person that will either pass him fit or fail him- no-one else.

    The problem on any forum here, much as in real life, is that people with no formal knowledge will frequently assume that because they may be a couple of weeks ahead in the selection process, they automatically qualify as the authority on any given subject. Not a problem, but one to be wary of, particularly with medical or legal advice.

    One other query - how/where do you actually log on? (Not the actual location, but the way you log on) The reason I ask is that there are several users, you included, that have the same Internet Provider (IP) address which indicates you're all using the same connection & possibly the same computer.
  12. andym.
    That sounds sensible. Ref My pute and "Him" using it.
    His is awol for some reason.
    Yes Gt Yarmouth rings a bell, but then again so does Suffolk.
    Eldest bro comes over to visit next Month (lived in Canada for Years) He is 75 ish I might have had more info off Dad.
    Left the Nest when I was 12, not much contact since.
    This early part of the Fleet Air Arm and Aircraft Carrier stuff I find really interesting.
    Not a flier Myself, but sticking Aeroplanes on Boats is astonishing stuff,
    especially all those Years ago.
    Montey's Dad!
  13. Wise words Ninja, thanks.
    AFCO? Please explain.
    I get it ref the Medical Officer.
    Hmm, loging on/registering.
    Logged on to the Lad's connection, maybe that's why it won't work.
    Need to log on as A newbie somewhere?
    Will try again just now.
    Apparently His Score was ok ref Seaman Specialist.
    It all started cos His best Mate is in the RAF as an Aircraft handler.
    David's Academic skills are on a Par with mine, so He failed their criteria!
    Seaman Specialist is actually more His bag I reckon.
    I think the Andrew would fit the Bill for Him.
    My lot are used to the water, the Sea, and paricularly David, He seems to be "The Sort" that would fit in.
    So the eyesight prob is the hurdle that needs overcoming.
    Thanks again for Your input.
    This is a good Forum, I am glad I have found it.
    Must sort out My own Registration.
    Cheers Monty's Dad!
  14. Is it just me? You posted on this forum. So why ask regarding registration? BTW anybody who call's there son Monty should be assassinated!
  15. The guy has posted using his son's membership, and if you read his postings it is clear to see that Monty's dad is in the process of joining RR which will enable him to post under his own name.
    Once again Aussie you are jumping in with both feet. As for choice of kids name, that is up to the parents, perhaps it is a traditional family name or it may be in tribute to a great field marshall.
  16. OK Slim, you got me again! Spelling mistakes. D'Oh!
  17. Wasn't on about spelling mistake Aussie, but the fact that you seem to like to belittle newbies. This guy dad is trying to ensure that his son has the best possible chance in joining the RN by pointing him in the right direction. he is asking for and getting good advice from many and it appears acting on it. Now the only advice you can give is about his choice of name for his son. Now yes I did spell Marshal incorrectly, I only have GCE (O) Level English. However once again you are using There instead of their and using an apostrophe in calls when it should not be used.
  18. Look back on my threads Slim if you have the time? I am nothing but supportive of Newbies. Sorry Slim, I know it's not politically correct to have blond hair, a career, be financially independent, and have to pay my taxes...!
  19. Mornin aussiepint,
    Although I have logged in, it through My Lad's memebership.
    I noticed (cos He has been using My pute) the sight and thought I,d like to join in My own right.
    The "Monty" name is a nickname He has been given by His Mates.
    Monty is a brand name for a pedal bike which is used for competitive Cycle Trials which He (David) has competed in at National level.
    Rather than just messing about in the Park He has at least tried it with the Big Boys!
    We used to compete together in Motor Cycle Trials.
    I started Him off at the age of 8 on a TY 80 Yamaha when I was still at it on an old British bike doing the Pre 65 Gig.
    Funny Old World innit!
  20. Yep funny old world Monty! Try using your computer by yourself, your own personality and all that...blah blah. Welcome to RR when you do!!

    ps Good for David x

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