montigny is he pregnant yet

Monties xmas bash ??? is he so pissed his bums been abused?? did he make IT to the piss up did he shag the bosses missus thereby ruining his chances of promotion to AB or as I suspect he took the piss out of every fcuker there but still banged the bosses wife from behind in his Batman suit


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RR has suddenly become alot more fun. SS is back on the piss, and stan has forgot to take his tablets. Granny is the Don and the thing & nut are shacked up together. Even the "lord flash" stopped by.

Witsend you smooth talking fcuker want to come down to Cornwall to pump the missus I'm to old and my pension doesn't cover viagra and the council tax
Yeah funny thing fcuking postman spends 3 hours at our postcode personally I couldn't fcuk her for laughing these days - its the joey belly that does it
stan_the_man said:
Yeah but she did tell me that she was a looker Once
Some one told me my missus is fit looking and this was last week.
A/ He's lying
B She's got something on him,
C She is, but its been awhile since I went home and I've forgotten.
D Should have gone to Specksave.

Fcuk couldn't be bothered to figure it out so just smacked him a fcuker and carried on drinking. :twisted: :wink:
stan_the_man said:
Rumrat said:
stan_the_man said:
Fcuk me RR I married a twin bet yours is tighter than mine tho
I can't remember Stan. And I am a NAAFI rating anyhow :roll: 8O :D
Lost me on that one RR your'e only seven years older than me makes us both 21 :wink:
You do know, your just having a senior moment

No Ambition And Fcukall Interest
But roger that 21, and still divs. The only bad habit I have is lying 8O :roll: :oops: :D


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Sterling_Stirling said:
Has Monty surfaced yet ?, or is he in cells.
Give it time. It takes a while to process the paperwork and get his case heard in the local courts. He should be on here by 1300hrs.
By my calculations, he should be awakening just about now to a nice hot breakfast that has been prepared by the 64 year old fat bird who was working at the do last night. Monty bagged off with her as a last minute option after he got so smashed that all the decent birds where crossing the dance floor to avoid him.

As the panic set in he went for an extra time goal and scored.

Before brekkie he was probably trying to extract his arm that she was laid on to make his escape but bided his time before she woke counting the weeping warts on her back.
He's probably skegging out the bedroom window, looking through the torn and tattered curtains trying to work out where the fcuk he is and how to get back...let's face it, we've all been there before

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