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Monopoly: Cat replaces iron in board game overhaul


War Hero

In order to update my Monopoly hardware, before my next organised family feud whilst holidaying in a rain-sodden campsite, it now looks like I'll have to whittle the iron into a cat :sad11:


War Hero
Super Moderator
They could have made it a pigeon NS, there's always a silver lining, you just have to look for it sometimes :)


War Hero
Super Moderator
Wrecks - What type of cat do you need at Raleigh?

N_S (opening line of post immediately underneath) - Gutted.

Don't know why, but that just made me laugh!


I lost the iron years ago and never thought of using the cat. I suspect that with all the nine strings with knots all over the board, someone would have claimed I was cheating! :D
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