Monkey Raping a Goat

sgtpepperband said:
Please do not preach to me the nature and concept of Diamond Lil's - I have been posting here long enough to know what does and doesn't pass for humour here! I have not asked RJ for an apology or to remove the thread, but merely pointed out that I (and probably many others here) fail to see the act of rape as in any way funny. Sick and unusual video clips and questionable jokes about animal porn are one thing; belligerently laughing off someone's traumatic experience as "a joke" is something else. And as I say to anyone who finds the matter a laughing one, next time you think about it, try to imagine that the victim is your wife, your daughter, your sister or mother. Or even you... :evil:
Again, you get worse in a messdeck and you are missing the point. And don't give me the "I've been posting in here for years" yarn, this should be an "Anything goes" forum, as it is described, those who don't like it should stay away.
This movie seems to have the critics devided and could well be the most talked about movie this year. But we have heard nothing about the lighting or camera angles or any of the other aspects of the film.What of the acting? Was the casting faulty,could it have been improved by starring Clark gable and Jade Goody for example?
I would not like to have to decide which category this movie should enter into at the Hollywood Oscars ,should it be in "Best original Screenplay" or " Best Foreign Language Film ".
Maybe some award from David Attenburghomaster for " Best wildlife "
lukep said:

I remember the above thread like it was yesterday.

For fukc sake those that live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

Nobody here with a sack full of posts is whiter than white, All of us at some point have behaved like tight cnuts.

If you don't like the look of it turn away or button it.. Simple.
Bonus, that's SPB winning the "Biggest, most sanctimonious hypocrite" Award at the RR Oscars then, Bell.


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And the "predictably trawling previous posts to satisfy one's point of view, no matter how contrary" goes to:

The same old candidates... :shock: :lol:
wannabefpilot87 said:
Haha what an amusing thread, how i missed all four pages of it before now i do not know- keep up the entertainment guys! :)
Thank you thank you missy, entertainment is what we do best having failed at everything else. :lol:

But hold on, I was a dab hand a the gynaelogicals AND as a Chaplain so all is not lost.The other boys all have secrets too.......


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I could never understand Mary Whitehouse trying to be the nation's moral guardian wrt TV. If you don't like it turn over or turn off, the same concept has got to apply here, there is a warning FFS!
tiddlyoggy said:
I could never understand Mary Whitehouse trying to be the nation's moral guardian wrt TV. If you don't like it turn over or turn off, the same concept has got to apply here, there is a warning FFS!
.. but we all know that turning it ON is the way forward!! :D :wink:
RonJeremy said:
Moomin said:
RonJeremy said:
Moomin said:
As much as it pains me to agree with Sgt P...that statement is a step too far, even on here.

I refuse to apologise! There isn't such a thing as rape....a woman can run faster with her skirt up than a man can with his trousers down!
I don't see me asking for an apology do you? I wouldn't waste my time trying to weedle and apology out of someone who clearly shouldn't be let on thier own without medication.

I do however think you should consider, that people take part and read this, we have no knowledge of their past and you could cause serious distress.
Oh purleeeeeze! By the objections posted by yourself and Sgt/pepper you have shown that this forum is not what it is portrayed to be. So there is some "horrible stuff" in this forum as per the warning but only if it conforms to the sanctimonious rantings of some users. I genuinely thought I had found a forum of free thinking people who enjoyed the same humour as myself and the majority of service personnel I serve with. You have shown that this is not the case and the forum is merely someones diluted idea of what service people find humouress. That's fine, you have genuinely shown your mis-interpretation and lack of understanding by the implication that you consider me someone who requires medication before going out. To ensure that you and pepper sleep well at night I promise to make no further posts on your forum.....
FFS you muppet! I am not offended! If I was offended you would KNOW..there would be no doubt. :roll:
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