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Whilst driving thru Ashburton on my way to Christchurch the other day I went past a party of mongs, they all seemed happy enough and gave me a wave so I gave them a toot as you do, but, they got me thinking. They all had a balloon and you could see the saliva dribbling down their chins at the thought of the next icecream, easily pleased I thought. But no, if you think about it (ok, long drive and the radio in the cab doesn't work) the poor fcukers are always making do with second best, they always seem to have normal shitty balloons or at best kiddy ones, now, bob the biulder or the bratz might well be kiddie icons but are they mong icons? does your avarage mong really want a bob the builder balloon because, lets face it, that really is a kiddie icon balloon not a mong one.

So I got to thinking, what would be the best image to put on a mong balloon? would it be a picture of joey deacon instead of bob? or perhaps the incredible hulk..(with that strength he's got to have a bit of mong in him) or is mong balloon heaven a big picture of an icecream so they can lick their balloon all day?

Any suggestions?
Bonzo the Clown, funny but with scaryness just below the surface. (? Feck me the Steinlager Pure is kicking in!!).
Working in a Library, (Who feckin' laughed!! Some Bootnecks can read, I'm in charge of the Janet and John Collection now!) I often get to help the Mongs (And the General Public who just act like Mongs) to locate material they have reserved, be very wary of denying a member of the Mllarr community their dose of Hi5 or Harry Potter and the Witches Scalded Ringpiece (R18) as windmilling, tears and snot trails to the upper lip are not a good look and that's just me.
Not as yet. Although in 'Janet and John the little [email protected]#!$', (Unwin; London, 1972.) Timmy the Dog gives a Mong high on sherbert Dib Dabs a through mauling.
As tramp baiting and glue sniffing are also involved, this episode in the adventures of J and J was withdrawn shortly after publication and the author 'Uncle' Johnny Threadbottom was whisked off to Broadmoor shortly thereafter.

Back to Laboons, how about Helen Clarks (NZ Prime Minister at the mo) fizzog surely a clear indication of the bearers Mongish tendencies.
Im guessing Juliette Lewis (or Giovanni Ribisi) out of that film where two window lickers marry.

Alternatively, could be Genghis Khan and his mongol empire.

yayyyy ice cream.......

Is mong heaven a balloon string handle with an ice cream cup holder...?

Why is it that the women who wrestle 'tards for a living are mostly unfeasibly fit? I have endured entire days of being dick punched and kicked in the shins playing rounders just to get close to a hottie nurse/volunteer.
Guys look I am sorry but the terminology is all wrong. If you are talking about Mongs then it is 100% LABOONS, no matter what shape or form they take.
Just thought of another one, Leonard di Crappio in "whats eating gilbert grape" as the chief spacko. Not sure if the image is memorable enough for your latex licking inflatables aficionado though.... Juliette lewis is in that one too, but not as a murrrrrr.

Whats a spazzers idea of a grand day out? Trip to Pilkingtons followed by Ben n Jerrys? A lecture from Ted Moult, free samples from everest then a swim in a pool of haagen dazs? Have Autoglass or Baskin robbins ever sponsored any events for their most ardent fans??

Better watch my p's n q's, if McCain gets in, since Palin's office will need its fair share of Windex and a plumbed in helium line...

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