Money or Religion ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Wonderer, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. (was'nt sure if it would be a good idea posting this one; but regarding a previous thread - "what the hell")

    Q. Throughout history; which has created more conflict Money or Religion?
  2. money grabbing churches!
  3. Both - it's all about politics and religion i.e. Liberia was about 2 tribes fighting over politics, just so happened the bad tribe captured a previous president and to show their real meaning, killed him then ate him! Lovely huh
  4. :wink: Nice on WM

    (just to let everyone know............I'm atheist)

    .......and I believe everyone else should be :lol:
  5. Church of Scientology and Church of Latter Day Saints spring to mind here..
  6. Money is simply a means to procure goods or exchange goods (including labour) for a transportable and versatile recognised symbolic token of the perceived value of the good.

    Religion is an ideology which can be a force for good but has a tendency to be abused by the power hungry in order to pursue their own ends, usually at the expense of others. Those others have historically included the poor, Jews and other religiously persecuted groups.

    By contrast money persecutes no one, whilst possession of sufficient amounts are a force for good, but with greed may become a force for evil by people who choose to misuse it.

    Given the choice I'd rather live in a money orientated society applying modified (modernised) Roman property laws than one based upon religious values. The former affords me the right to exist. The latter seeks my annhilation.

    Money therefore trumps religious ideology as a force for good. Any ideology is often a force for evil. The two great genocides committed in Europe were, after all, carried out by Christian educated adults who persecuted those whom the Christian church condemned - surely no coincidence? Stalin trained to become a Russian Orthodox Priest. Hitler's Main Kampf is littered with Bible quotes (many from the NT) qualifying his anti-Semitism.
  7. OMG AAC, you didn't mention any type of male sexual orientation in that post!!!

    Good post btw :wink:
  8. I would say both as bad or as good as each other...
    iether on its own is a object...... and has no meaning its only when taken up by a hand that it becomes a force for good or bad.. Its the people behind the money or religion that make it what it is..
    Personaly i would say that " SEX" has caused more suffering and missery in the world...Wonder where this country would be if Henry VIII had loved his 1st wife ...or Maralyn Monroe had not been such a boomshell...
  9. Interesting topic. Has to be religion when one thinks about the wars and mass exterminations that had religion as its catalyst. I like to think about subjects in personal terms. So I ask myself this: Who would I rather have as a next door neighbor? Someone obsessed with money or religion. I'd take the guy chasing the almighty dollar hands down.
  10. Both! to get one in the name of the other!
  11. Capitalism is as much a faith as religion or political philosophy. Each espouses its own version of what constitutes truth. Money, as an object is merely an instrument towards an end: the accumulation of wealth or the procurement of goods and services.
  12. Well, the religionists do say that the love of money is the root of all evil.
  13. Hey I resent that :evil: , Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons) are some fine people, with principles, like loving and serving your country and family.

    They do ask their members to give, but all that money is used to pay for the running of the organisation. Rent, heat, lighting (they don't have any payed clergy).

    They also spend a huge amount on food, humanitarian, employment & educational programmes.

    I'd hardly call that money grabbing, it doesn't go into anyones pockets if that what your thinking.
  14. That's only because they wanted to get in first... before someone pointed out that in fact Love of deities is the root of all evil.
  15. It's not the religion thats the problem, it's religious zealots. The Catholic Church have commited some of the worst attrocities in history. And before you get excited, so have the Christians, Muslims etc.
    If you take the vast majorities of religions' bibles and teahcings, they all promote love/forgiveness/acceptance. It's only complete nutters who bend it persecution.
    Money is not the source of evil, the greed for money is the source. If someone wants more and is prepared to anything to get it, that's evil. Must of us just want to get more money by any legal means we can..
  16. Neither

    Conflict is about control over resource, although money per se is a mechanism to ease the transaction. Religion is just an excuse.

    Closest to home, Ireland was about control over land and production, the various eschanges of crown following the creation of the CofE was about control over the estates and entitlements of the crown, not the religion of the wearer.
  17. Erm.... Have you read the Old Testament... It's full of revenge, genocide, promoting slavery, rape and paedocide, not to mention misogeny, etc...

    The problem with the RCC is that whilst the Catechism declares one thing, the Pope and Magisterium frequently seem to promote the other!
  18. And its all written down in ?
  19. Money = power

    Dogma = more power

    Combo = Priceless (sorry it's a take from a North American ad line for Master Card... :eek: )

    Back in the early day's I am sure it was more about the herd of sheep then it was religion, stealing sheep was something to go to war over, priests or clerics were nobody's, but then a funny happened on the way to Constantine, Fiefdoms got religion and before you knew it, Torquemada came calling.

    So early was money and later was religion..
  20. True, but Christianity (Catholic, Anglican, etc) is based upon the New Testament i.e. the teachings of Christ (peace, love, forgiveness etc). A true Christian would never kill or maim another because of that person’s religious belief, because that would go against his or her own belief. Too many have used the excuse of religion to commit horrendous acts.

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