Money making scam?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Gombear, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. This sort of thing was mentioned on Watchdog the other night
  2. This sort of thing is big business in Germany. Almost invariably a lawyer is behind this sort of thing and huge sums are demanded for alleged infringement of copyright. Some of the claims are genuine, but there are some dodgy lawyers out to make fast money for little effort.
  3. Like an e-mail I got the other day from the FBI saying that I was involved in illegal money laundering but had in fact been left an $11,000,000 inheritance.
    All I had to do was forward $250 for a cash machine card which would allow me to withdraw $3,000 per day. That by the way would take just over 10 years to acheive.
    Makes you wonder how these Nigerians think them all up. Mind you, they have nothing better to do I suppose.
  4. You mean I really dont have a Nigerian relative?
    Gutted :thumright:
  5. This one must be worth an email for the sympathy sh*g at least!!

    Unfortunately I cannot take her up on her generous offer as the money would without doubt be spent in an ungodly manner.
  6. I had a phone from supposely Australia by a lady with an Asian accent asking if I would invest in one of their commodities, either gold, oil etc. If I invested 10,000 USD I would get a profit of 70,000 USD lol

    Oh how I laughed
  7. I really must stop the wife sending out those letters you know. :)
  8. This website contains a wealth of useful information on 419 scams and advance fee fraud. However, most of the website is devoted to a number of email exchanges between “Gilbert Murray†(in a variety of guises) and a range of advance fee fraudsters, all of them desperate to get their hands on his money... and all of them failing miserably to do so.

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