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Monday 8th January: Dispatches - Fighting the Taliban

I too will look out for it, I just hope that Channel 4 can resist the temptation us use it as yet another vehicle to slag Blair/Bush, British involvement in any military front and the military in general.
Just watched Dispatches. What the 'kin hell is Bliar going to do about the situation out there. Talk about demoralising! That programme should be made compulsory viewing for all those at Westminster.

Keep Striving
Christ I just watched it. This government should be thorougly ashamed of its self. Our lads deserve better,. Scavaging for corn cobs, running out of Medical supplies FFS . If we can't keep them properly supplied, bring them home.
Thats not and in no way should be construed as an attack on our lads and lasses out there, just the Pond life who sent them there un equipped.
A very good program. I missed a few minutes but 4 points came accross really well:

1) Not enough SH. (Yes I know everyone here knows that but good to see it getting mentioned in the media again). Even had wounded shown waiting for a CASEVAC as the only cab available was elsewhere.

2) The committment of the Afghan soldiers.

3) How lucky the wounded Taleban foreign fighter was to have been caught by the British Army and not the Afghanis.

4) The craztness of sending men to fight for several days and then decide that it was not worth supporting the position so when they pull back it would fall again. I know we don't know the ins and outs as it might have been the only decision possible with the resources, but you could see how demoralising it was for them.
Very good but nothing new really. It shows yet again how professional our guys are. Bit of a surprise to me just how much the Afghan Army are involved, I think the press in general have underplayed their part in this!

Despite the lack of air transpoprt which has been well publicised I don't see as much has really changed in warfare over the centuries though! Still fighting in trenches, still scavenging food and supplies and still fighting for the same stretegic objectives over and over again. Just goes to show that technology has not changed warfare as much as we would all like to think!

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