Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by hookyw, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. A response by Mods, to a provocative, but otherwise intelligent question ,that attempts to delve too deeply, perhaps, upsetting their privileged desk jobs --results in sarcasm, ridicule and demeaning comments.
    One or two resort, desperately, to feckinhell the twat ==the cnut Tell the feckin cnut to fukc off
    Intelligent Rum Ration?
    I think not
  2. Ahh, Norm.
  3. Fully agree with you Norman. RR is not intelligent enough for you so I suggest that you sling your hook :w00t:
  4. But intelligent enough for you? . Intelligence presents itself differently at different levels Slim is .apparently, easily pleased at his level. Hook ,remains half slung awaiting his reply.
  5. Yawning can iinduce a form of tetanus .
    Are you yawning from[;-
    1. Lack of oxygen?
    2. An impulsive reason?
    3 From something you've eaten?
    4. From something you should have eaten?
    5. From none of these?---Then you clearly have lock-jaw--- So we should hear nothing further from you
  6. I yawn because your drivel bores me.
    Now, be a good girl and go stand on some train tracks ;)
  7. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  8. Cringe and even more cringeing. Can't say fairer than that!
  9. Taragasipha !
  10. My memory isn't what it was but wasn't Taragsipha the first nubile young lady to come aboard at our anchorage in New Caledonia.
    I recall the Coxswain saying he would like to entertain the first on board but changed his mind to the second.
    The very pretty gill repaired below and helped the cox'n sort out the overseas mail in his cabin.
  11. Lamri doing a desk job Norma??? o_O

    Dear me... until last week I have visions of Lammers in his blue ovvies and black (unshiny) boots operating various spanners and turning knobs and checking gauges. But Greeni Lamri sitting at a desk? Pleeease Normun! He'll be sitting, sipping a mug of fresh hot coffee brought to him by a centrefold 19 year old AB called Sexy Susan, armed only with a signal injector and oscilloscope probe (earthed on the bulkhead) searching for any signs of inappropriate waveforms and dampening them down.... Perhaps Normanus, you too are a signal in need of a Zener diode... one than only allows non-Normanian signals to pass :biggrin:
  12. Has it not occurred to you, oh beardy poof friend of mine, that norms latest blatherings have been deleted?
  13. Awww Shucks! You know me, any excuse to praise Lamri........ :biggrin:

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