Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Arcadain, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Greater use of the Forums, rather then having incriminating evidence?

  2. Let the clique continue to grow at it's current rate until everyone but the socially "Un"challenged

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  1. Should all those who have posted more that 3000 posts be considered
    for MOD SHIP as they seem to have the ear of the other posters... this would seem to be a fairer method than asking to be made a MOD because you have a secret fucking hand shack or pictures of the Good CO rodgering the vicars cat, and then threaten to post it!!

    I thank you.
  2. Perhaps one day I might be invited to be a Mod? I am sure the likes of BH,SPB and Chief Tiff would welcome me to the "Top Table" with open arms.

    Luv you all
  3. STILL saving me Cornflake packet tops!!.....
  4. Bollocks ive been collecting Nectar Points!!!!!!!!
  5. Ah Arcadian, if it were only true, members are invited to become MODs by the COs, usually if their names (And incriminating details) have been suggested by others in the secret MOD place that we mustn't talk about...DOH.
    So the amount or content of posts is irrelevant, although judging by your recent output you will have a very long wait indeed before your name is mentioned with anything but disdain by any MOD in any forum.
    Now stop being such a numpty and pish off back to ROMFT.
    PS Have you had any progress filling out the RM application form?
  6. I regard it as a badge of honour I'm not a MOD… non MODS are a dwindling band here
  7. as said to me last night "sleep your way to the top" Arcadain............... OBVIOUSLY worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Where did I say that Brazen? I can't seem to find the thread I posted that in anymore.

    but on a similar note Brazen, how does it feel to actually call yourself a "hussy" in your username, and then, as it appears you are seeing you slept your way to moderatorship?
  9. Yes Arc, into the barrel with you, once Blobbs and I have turned your ricker inside out, we'll get Good CO to promote you to Powder Monkey 1st Class For the Use Of, surely a huge promotion from your current rank of Pongo STAB.
  10. Arcadain:
    Fcuk me sideways you are right , the thread that was consigned to the Gash Barge has now disappeared! The evidence has gone, looks like the dastardly work of a moderator to me.

    Have a nice day
  11. Again in English please.
    For your info Arc, BH served on HMS Brazen, so therefore she has merely added the Hussy bit as a rather neat way of combining a mention of her service with perhaps (I can't be sure as I've not had Deep and Meaningfuls with her on this or any other subject...more's the pity) a bit of a humourous dig at those who think that all female ratings are slappers.
    Your strange attacks on MODs in general and BH in particular of late show you for what you are, an immature young 'man' who still has a lot of growing up to do.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If it were up to me, I'd consider putting your name forward on the grounds that, although frequently objecting to your point of view, it has to be said you often stimulate intelligent participation and have some very valid points (IMHO).

    An articulate poster, whether a mod or otherwise has to be a huge boost to the site. If we all agreed all the time, it would be pretty boring. The threads that have the most views are without doubt those where people decide to draw handbags in the early hours.

    There's genuinely no perk to moderating that has been noticeable to me, although to be honest it wasn't because my name was put forward, it was simply because I had the neck to ask. Compromising photos of feline interference were never an issue. Possibly moderators give a tangible target to those that seek one, otherwise it can be a chore trying to be polite when you really don't want to be.
  13. How about letting the owners of this site choose who they would like to the moderators.
  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Oh my God, must be censorship or some other conspiracy, or could it simply be that it's in the Quarterdeck?

    Slow day on the other site then guys?
  15. Oh my my Blofeld, look at all the moderators we have attrected into our web, QUICK BLOFELD, ACTIVATE THE DEVICE.
  16. It's not a democracy......get over it :thumright:
  17. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator


    Hardly the work of SPECTRE, prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  18. Please Arc, don't flatter yourself into thinking that we're taking your drivel at all seriously.
    As MODS we are asked by the COs to comment on members incorrect assumptions, so that other members, newbies in particular, are not led up the garden path by numpties such as yourself.
    As all your posts of late are total dross this maybe why your threads are attracting the attention of those who know better or can actually use the search function properly to find your pish poor efforts at humour.
  19. [​IMG]

  20. Actually Ninja Stoker as I am sure you are very aware my question was rather tongue in cheek. I assure you I have absolutely no wish to become a moderator of any internet forum site. Lets face facts that would not be condusive to my "agenda" would it?

    I am humbled by your post! I am good am I not? I must agree with you that an articulate poster is an asset to any site, I consider myself such, which is the reason I was quite perturbed to find that I had been previously marked as a "troll" simply for having and stating opinions not in keeping with those of certain moderators.

    My intelligence quotient is undoubtedly far superior to the very challenged reasoning of these people. The fact that I have used my mental ability very effectively, to defeat them during a series of online "spats" has obviously rattled their cages somewhat. Hence everytime I post, some resort to nothing more than profanities and abuse against me.

    I think that these numpties should have a good talk to themselves.

    Have a nice day

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