Modern Warfare 2


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PS3 owner here tag: [BARS]Juicy_Pears

BARS is the ARRSE gamers tag, you'd be amazed at how many people you stumble across in MP games, then try to kill :twisted:
boxy said:
a really good 1 player game is Farcry 2.

its amazing you can go where ever you want in the game, use many different weapons, sneak up on encampments, also its really nice when your crouched in the long grass waiting for a deer to come along and shoot
Most over hyped game of the decade it was truley awful, hated the checkpoints crap story line 1/10 if you want a good fps try operation flashpoint 2 as long as you can see through the flaws ie checkpoints its really good!

Really good rts is company of heros set in world war to if your into red alert and games like that try it.

And i challange any one to beat me at halo 3!
daffy1 said:
I'm going for the new medal of honour this Friday, I have a fair few games that needs exchanging.

God I sound I like a geek.

medal of honour looks good but i am waiting for COD black ops on the 9th nov, cant wait to get my hands on the remote car lol
I have just completed MW2 and i must say its by far one the best games i have played.
As for the airport level i think its a very justifyable level, i know it have received a lot of bad press regarding the airport scene, but non of the press mentions the whole game and story line, also we got to remember that the story is about the worst possible terrorist situation that the world can face, hence alot of fighting in major parts of the U.S, and not forgetting its just a game.

If you have not already got this game i would really recommend it.

;-) thanks for the description of the last little bit I heard about this game and somehow I have not been determined but for now .. willing to try

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